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Thread: What th11 army three stars a th10 fairly easy?

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    Most of the time sure. A few things that can distract the e-drags (sweepers and such) while single infernos pick them off can make it go sideways.
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    Well, it's not too hard to redirect Edrags. The harder part is to not dismante your design so you get simply 3-starred by a random Th10-attack.

    The lightningstrike is easy to calculate, where it will connect to, etc. Let the lightning chain to some buildings, plan with High-HP stuff to redirect them (since the zap will destroy the low-HP buildings around and the storage will be the next target, so you can create a path) and let them circle near AD/single Ferno. Pretty much game over, without loon support.
    You'd hardly believe how many ppl try to Dragonspam with only 4 loons, or even less, falling for a simple design.

    We're talking about the casuals, of course. Hardcore attacker will simply roll over a TH10 with edrags, while watching TV.
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    Spam E-drags? definitely not. I can't even count how many times people have failed with edrags against my th10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
    Sounds like someone got disconnected, were all the spells used? Heros dropped and ability used?

    I have failed to 3* a few 11’s and came close on more than 1 10 but it was due to poor execution by me on my mini 11 with 8 L2 ED’s, 2 BDrasgs, 4 rage and 3 freeze. Hero’s Q35, K25. He’s a little farther down the Clan food chain so makes a living hitting these types and is stand by for the top 11’s in case they screw up higher.
    Full deployment, no disconnection.

    My Air Sweepers face each other & in the "blind spot" I have mines & a Tesla. They were blown, constantly, into an AD, a WT & an x-bow on each side. AQ & CC witch, wiz & baby got in on the act too.

    TH barely survived, but a fail nonetheless.

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    Nope, nope, aaaaand... nope. I won against edrag spam as a new th10 (essentially a th9). It was a trash attack but hey, I’ll take the free trophies
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    Completely depends on your troop levels at TH11. If it's badly rushed, I'd say... none. If your troops were maxed at TH10, then I'd say: Depends again. Got max miners? Use that with QW. Got e-drag? Also fine. Got bowitch experience? No problems at all.

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    Miners are the best to defeat any TH10, and with more practise can take TH11.
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    Miners (assuming can kill the CC) or gibowitch is what I normally use with some valks in CC

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    Quick story that will get to your question.

    In Guilder we split wars, heavy (TH12-TH10) and light (TH10-TH8). Our last light war we faced a clan with an engineered 11 at the bottom matched up with our TH8s. His heroes were bad but this was one of those single cannon-no walls accounts. Within minutes of war starting he tripled our 1 and 2 (max TH10s) and it looked like all was lost.

    As a testament to our team no one gave up. Everyone hit hard and we ended up 1 star short of perfect. And that 2-star attack was 99% only leaving an island xbow on their 2. The other clan got overconfident or something and wasted some good attacks at the top (looting?). Anyway, they failed to clean up a TH9 and we ended up taking them down!

    So proud of our team!

    Anyway, to answer your question, TH11 level2 edrag spam with his teenage heroes absolutely smashed our max TH10 bases.
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    Miners, bowitch, lavaloon, edrags with a competent attacker blows away 10s.

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