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    I'm still unclear about that. If I buy the Gold tier a week from now, will my Gold points grandfather in the points I've already earned, or will it start from scratch at the time I paid for Gold tier ?

    The 2 answers above say exactly opposite things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kemp040 View Post
    That’s why it makes sense to buy that gold pass from the beginning.
    Yes but if possible to buy - it will be unfair to the customer.
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    Does not claiming the rewards immediately and waiting until upgrade to gold pass gets you the ones u past?
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    I am aslo confuse with this matter. If I collect 2600 point with silver pass and buy gold pass, I can collect all gold pass rewards or not?

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    Just bought it.Ok so whatever points you have earned to the point will apply to the gold tier as well.Meaning all gold tier rewards to that point will be unlocked too.Awesome huh?

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    Gold Tier Points

    I have now buy Gold tier, and how I think before, if i buy I have already have unlocked , 1 gem, Boost 3 different.

    But how I see , I steal need collect point to unlock. Did that bug? If not ?

    Why then same thing also must do silver.

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    I’m just going to tell you what has happened to me and you can decide for yourself. I purchase gold tier. I was immediately able to claim the gold and silver tier rewards. I claimed the second gold tier reward. Then the third, and with the third I was also offered the dark elixir silver tier reward but I can’t claim it because I have too much dark elixir. I then claimed the 4th gold tier reward, and the 5th which also has a silver reward. I can’t claim the silver reward which is a training portion because it’s forcing me to sell all of my excess training potions, including the one I would claim. That’s an issue I have but I’ve already created a thread for it.

    That’s the way it’s working for me.

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    Hehehe, you thought buying the gold pass unlocked everything? Sorry my friend, you only bought access to the rewards. Now you have to earn them.
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    Is the extra potion supposed to be exchanged for gems like in events?And what of the resources like 500k gold in the first tier?Would it be deposited into the treasury or storages?

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    Not all unlock. Just how I see in Galadon video. If you buy gold you earn etc 160 points and unlock 1 gem donate and 3 other boost.

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