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    Quote Originally Posted by HappySamuraiSama01 View Post
    shovel of obstacle. Just Why?
    Can I have yours then? Very handy when you've been playing 5 years.

    Most useless is the XP level. Serves no purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwp721 View Post
    The list of 99 other people who are in the same league as I am. SC admitted this was an idea that they never did anything with......

    But if thatís the worse to me then I really canít complain.
    I wouldn't call it completely useless as when I'm bored I look the list over and see if I notice any clanless accounts that look good and toss them an invite, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappySamuraiSama01 View Post
    shovel of obstacle. Just Why?
    Free 50 gems! Keep them coming.

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    Making Cannon suffer
    Some decorations and obstacles.


    My League tab.

    Limit on how many Walls can be upgraded to max.

    Storages. I prove that they are completely optional and they can easily stay at Level 1.

    Players with low level Collectors.

    Extra hitbox area for Army Camps

    Archer Queen skins. None are out there yet.

    Town Hall Level 1. On the tutorial, you upgrade to Level 2.

    Some stats that do not change after leveling them up are shown with bars. Those bars are always shown with upgradeable stats. Example: Bomb and Area of Effect. It will not raise, no matter the level of the Bomb

    Get those Goblins. Replaced by Get those Other Goblins.

    War Stars being shown in the profile.

    Cannons. Nuff said.
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    clan search with filters, since the clans listed are in alphabetical order, you always see the same clans that have names begin with some special characters or digits and then A's, B's etc. It's impossible to find other hundred of thousands of clans whose names are not started with some special characters or digits or A or B... the clan search featured with filters is totally useless.

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    #3 useless feature: Global
    #2 useless feature: Revenge
    and the #1 useless feature in the game: MUSIC

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    I found one obscure use for the league. Recruiting.
    Suppose you log in and your clan is at 48 members. You could descend into the sewer that is global. But the only players in global are hoppers and trolls. One in 100 stay in your clan for a week. I am being an optimist.
    Or you check through your league. Find one in 100 with a name that sounds Americanized, and no clan, and send an invite. Maybe it works. Maybe the guy joins. Maybe he stays. Maybe not.

    Either way there is some reason the guy has no clan. If there is trouble, be ready to kick like the Rockettes. But at least there is a chance this guy could work out. One in 100.
    Youre one of my favorite posters on these forums. I like your swag

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    Quote Originally Posted by fette View Post
    Do I have to say it?
    Iím fairly certain youíre not allowed to say it anymore...
    "There's a new iPad shaped hole in a wall somewhere on the planet tonight..."

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    I forgot...
    The villagers: clapping mindlessly.
    The blue butterfly, patrolling the caravan’s area.
    The fireworks crate when Games are ongoing.

    But of course, player’s experience, and level.

    PS: there’s music

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    the goblin map

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