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Thread: "Rushing" to TH12?

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    Question "Rushing" to TH12?

    First of all, calm down I'm not rushing a main account or something to th12.
    This ain't that kind of thread.

    I wanna rush a current mini account all the way up to th12 for a couple of reasons, for fun, but also for siege machines and that sort of stuff. But I'm wondering, what sort of farming army should I use, and what sort of troops should I upgrade? Since upgrading "unnecessary" troops will only make this journey take longer. So I'm asking for the most necessary troops and upgrades to more or less comfortable rush to th12 and farm, without having to only raid 50k elixir and gold at a time. Also should I focus on heros at all? If I should, what should I aim for? Like 10/10 fx?

    TL;DR: I wanna rush a mini account to th12, what troops should I upgrade+use (for farming), and how long will it approx. take? And should I care about heroes?

    My mini if that helps any: #YJUCV80QV

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    I have a rushed th12 just for donations, I sit around 2800 and goblin my way down to 2200 and climb up to 2800 with laloon.
    Dead bases are all over, loot is not an issue.

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    Make sure you max out all offense buildings (army camps in particular) before you upgrade. For farming I’d say barch, goblins if you like them, loonion to gain some trophies. Wallbreakers also useful. If you don’t intend to war that’s all you need. Heroes shouldn’t be a priority if you only farm and donate on the account, they will grow nevertheless because you don’t have to invest in a lot of dark troops if you don’t war.

    Everything above works for every TH, certainly up to TH10. I don’t know if barch maybe loses it’s effectiveness once you’re TH11 and higher, that’s possible. I think it’s worth to backfill a bit at TH10 as that’s the best TH to farm. Make sure you don’t jump to TH12 before your farming troops are maxed because the loot gets worse over there, so I heard.

    I’m now almost max TH9 and that took me about 4 months. I heard of a guy that is now banned here on the forums that he managed to get to TH12 in 3 months (he didn’t max offense though, neither his farming troops). I think it’s safe to assume that it will take around 6 months if you’re staying a bit at every TH to max the offensive buildings. Might be shorter now with the new upgrade times though
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    Don't mind , my answers are short. As i have a feeder acccount , i am sharing my personal views.

    Q. But I'm wondering, what sort of farming army should I use, and what sort of troops should I upgrade?
    Ans : As per my idea, if you can max miner and heal spell using clan game rewards, that is gonna work great.

    Q.Also should I focus on heros at all?
    Ans : If you make warden Lvl 5(for ability) and King,queen lvl 10 each will be great for farming. long will it approx?
    Ans : 2..3 months with Clan game rewards and little focus.

    Q.And should I care about heroes?
    Ans : As i said above, if you make them Lvl 10/10/5, that is gonna work great.

    For reference you can visit my feeder profile(#8Y8GGGV89), while my main village is mentioned in my Sig.
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    Maybe barch? No heroes required and easy to upgrade. Not sure if it works at th12 tho. I'm farming in higher leagues there.

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    Barch works perfectly, in 2200 trophies, even in TH12. I made all my way up to th 12 maxed only with barch, and occasionaly giants and wallbrakers. Lots of dead bases in 2200 trophies, easy to loot. Dont know why anybody should be in another league other than cristal II. Its piece of cake! Trust me, I did it, and in every update I still do Barch. Now i am sitting waiting for new walls or new updates. I am bored!

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    Personally, I would upgrade to TH 10 ASAP, unlock miners and use them to farm dead bases. Farm up to around 3000 trophies with miners and then drop down to 1800 trophies with goblins and jump/heal spells. Rinse and repeat for fast and easy loot.

    I would take a slight pause before TH 12 to wait until your miners are level 5 and your army camps a little more caught up.

    Once you are TH 12, get lvl 6 miners and stick around the same trophy range using the same strategy. You will need to spend a little more time nexting, but you are still able to get very fast and easy loot on dead/weak bases. In this way, you will only need to focus on upgrading one main troop.

    For war, I would rush lvl 3 electros for the most bang for your buck in terms of offense.

    In terms of heroes, you are also looking for the most bang for your buck. I would prioritize your grand warden, followed by your queen. I would upgrade your king if you have extra resources but it is lackluster in a rushing situation.

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    I created a brand new game and hyper-rushed it to TH12 (with all L1 defenses and walls) in under 3 months using primarily non-raided resources. Starting at TH9...I’d say just 1-2 months more, especially if you have any magic items or medals stored up so already and depending upon how comfortable you are with your rushing pace. Of course, with Hammers, you can get there much more quickly (half an hour maybe...?), but I assume you are looking for a more steady rush than just drop and hammer.

    The key to a successful rush is focusing upgrades on storages and offense. For farming, you’ll want a war grade army...which you’ll want for CWL anyway (unless you intend to sideline the game). If you’re good with Goblins, you can still use them at TH12 but collector raids seem to be few and far between. TBH, I do not really rely much on raids for loot on my TH12s; if I am raiding DE, I use Miners or ElectroDragons and if I am on the hunt for Elixir, I use BoWitch or some variant.’s up to you. I like 15/15/5 as a base, but I’ve done it with single digit as well.
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    I Had a TH9 that I did the same thing with. Was 100% maxed from TH8 and heroes were about 15/15 I guess.
    i did have various Books of things to help and spent about 2000 gems I had saved.
    I went from TH9 to TH12 with Seige Machines (both @ that time) to donate in 8 days. I did this prob a month after the Siege Machines came out I guess.
    My account is #8GRCRLRU9 if you want to look. Feel free to visit if you like, just mention this forum if you do.
    Rememer, u need to build everything but you don’t have to wait for them to finish. You can upgrade the TH while things are building. Five builders here will help.
    I used Golblins all the way, but did find that once at TH12 finding bases to hit with goblins got harder. To start, donated 100% only for wars as it was just too much to keep supply and the loot needed.
    Gradulay worked on the account and now sits at 25/29/15 (QKW) Maxed War Troops I need (EDrags, Bowlers, Witches [L4] Freeze, Bats, and Woking on ice Golems) (war only in CWL).
    The USD $5 spend per month will be worth if for this project.
    I got all my loot using the EDrags once I unlocked them, they really get the account moving at TH12 and was still able to find bases with enough loot to make it still profitable esp if you push up in the leagues.
    Its well worth doing, if you have the spare Base to do it with, and now with faster upgrade times, it’s easier, but you prob won’t have as many books as I had to use, they don’t stack from events.
    Good luck.

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    On my hyper-rush account, I actually switched to level 1 baby drags for farming. They work very well at sniping collectors and ignoring archer towers, and if you can do it without spells, the army is pretty cheap. In my case I am developing all the barracks anyway so unlocking baby drags on 4 barracks isn't an impediment.

    I am kind of eager to try out goblin knife on a th12 with ww. Years ago I rushed an account to th11 with just goblins and that should still work just fine now.

    There are probably lots of farming attacks that would work. The important thing is to not get so far behind in your farming troops that you can't get loot. I happen to know that at th10 you can farm effectively with th8 barch but at th11 and th12 I am less experienced and so would want at least one stronger army. FWIW, dragons and loons can be used to farm effectively at th12 in high leagues, so if nothing else you could do that.

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