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Thread: "Rushing" to TH12?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmarKumar View Post
    Don't mind , my answers are short. As i have a feeder acccount , i am sharing my personal views.

    Q. But I'm wondering, what sort of farming army should I use, and what sort of troops should I upgrade?
    Ans : As per my idea, if you can max miner and heal spell using clan game rewards, that is gonna work great.

    Q.Also should I focus on heros at all?
    Ans : If you make warden Lvl 5(for ability) and King,queen lvl 10 each will be great for farming. long will it approx?
    Ans : 2..3 months with Clan game rewards and little focus.

    Q.And should I care about heroes?
    Ans : As i said above, if you make them Lvl 10/10/5, that is gonna work great.

    For reference you can visit my feeder profile(#8Y8GGGV89), while my main village is mentioned in my Sig.

    Thank you very much for this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vansimon View Post
    I Had a TH9 that I did the same thing with. Was 100% maxed from TH8 and heroes were about 15/15 I guess.
    i did have various Books of things to help and spent about 2000 gems I had saved.
    I went from TH9 to TH12 with Seige Machines (both @ that time) to donate in 8 days. I did this prob a month after the Siege Machines came out I guess.
    My account is #8GRCRLRU9 if you want to look. Feel free to visit if you like, just mention this forum if you do.
    Rememer, u need to build everything but you don’t have to wait for them to finish. You can upgrade the TH while things are building. Five builders here will help.
    I used Golblins all the way, but did find that once at TH12 finding bases to hit with goblins got harder. To start, donated 100% only for wars as it was just too much to keep supply and the loot needed.
    Gradulay worked on the account and now sits at 25/29/15 (QKW) Maxed War Troops I need (EDrags, Bowlers, Witches [L4] Freeze, Bats, and Woking on ice Golems) (war only in CWL).
    The USD $5 spend per month will be worth if for this project.
    I got all my loot using the EDrags once I unlocked them, they really get the account moving at TH12 and was still able to find bases with enough loot to make it still profitable esp if you push up in the leagues.
    Its well worth doing, if you have the spare Base to do it with, and now with faster upgrade times, it’s easier, but you prob won’t have as many books as I had to use, they don’t stack from events.
    Good luck.
    I might swing by at some point, thank you very much for the detailed description!

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    Iím rushing an alt to be a siege factory and I am farming with all archers till I can get miners and will then switch. That minimizes my use of valuable elixir. I donít care about trophies at all and just focus on most elixir per hit.

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    Does anyone else have some tips, tricks, advice or experiences themselves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zcamt View Post
    Does anyone else have some tips, tricks, advice or experiences themselves?
    I did it with a fully maxed TH6 starting last November that had a bunch of magic stuff from clan games and such. The El Primo event helped a ton with most of the work. Took me under two months primarily because of that. This is the account:

    Q. But I'm wondering, what sort of farming army should I use, and what sort of troops should I upgrade?
    During the upgrade I mostly used el primo. So I'm not a lot of help here. Once he was gone I went with giants/wiz when i wanted trophies and mostly hit weak bases, and Goblin Barch when I was dropping trophies. Getting loot below TH12 is pretty easy. Once you are to TH12 it really stinks. Especially when you have troops like I had. I've now got hogs and edrags to a decent level. That is why you see the advice to max army camps as you move up. It takes a lot longer to go that route, but the loot is so much easier to get down there it's probably worth it.

    I needed the donations ASAP so I just did camps to TH9 max and left them there until recently. I also completely ignored barracks until I hit 12...the goal was Workshop, ASAP, then workshop items level 2 ASAP so I could donate max.

    Q.Also should I focus on heros at all?
    Since I didn't give a rip about DE, I was able to put it into my heroes and get them to 10/10 rather easily. Once I had the warden I got him to 5 ASAP. long will it approx?
    Took me less than 2 mos from TH6 to 12. It's all going to depend on how much you raid, and how much money you spend. Probably 3 months (that is about what I figured when I started as I did not see the El Primo event coming)

    Q.And should I care about heroes?
    See question 2.
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    Goblins are cheap and easy for farming at lower leagues.
    Electro Dragons, Loons, Rage and Freeze will give you a War comp you can use in CWL for the rushed 12 account.

    beyond that up to you how many troops you want to upgrade along the way rushing to 12 and how much you want to catchup once you get there.

    obviously I would recommend maxing our camps, lab and spell factories at each level as you go along. The more you can focus on the 3 heroes the better.

    if you want farm DE once you get 12 helps to have higher level miners and heals spell too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zcamt View Post
    Does anyone else have some tips, tricks, advice or experiences themselves?
    I am experienced rusher.

    Each TH needs these essential things.
    Maxed Camps
    Maxed CC
    Maxed Farming troops (which obv requires maxed lab for that TH)
    Maxed SF and DSF (Spell Fac and Dark Spell Fac)
    Maxed Storages.

    Secondary list is
    Max "War" troops comp.
    Max 1* regular and Dark Rax for the TH, so you can get all troops unlocked for that TH's Lab (I always do both/all, but for rushing you can let them slide till you get to TH12) books and hammers are REALLY helpful here IMO
    Max Archers/Barbs (to buff AQ and BK abilities) low priority, but helpful.

    There will be MANY troops and def turrets to upgrade this route. Miners, are most reliable farmers. Bowlers (for me Hogs) and Witches (and now Icey) are good for War.

    Depending on how active you are you can pump gold into Defs and Walls, and Elixir into Warden, Lab upgrades and eventually Walls too. Dark for select troop/spell upgrades and ofc Royals. (I would say yes, bother with doing Royals, slow and steady type)

    PM me if you want specifics. I can hop that acct over to your clan.

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    I rushed a new account to th12 (mainly for SM donations and troops i dont have on my main) , just started it Nov 2018 and i got it to th12 within 5 1/2 months. I left all defenses at lvl one and poured gold into my walls and traps since i wasnt using gold to upgrade my defenses. At each th lvl i would upgrade my cc and lab (once lab was upgraded i would upgrade my barbs and archers). My army camps arent maxed i can currently hold 230 which is getting the job done. Walls are mostly lvl 9 got about 32 lvl 8 walls left.

    My main farming troops was barch and once i maxed my barbs and archers i started to upgrade miners and heal spell.

    For CWL i just let it sit on the roster for the medals but i did participate in regular clan wars with it. From the 5x event i had a lot of loot. So once i made it to th12, i built seige factor right away used book to finish dropped it again and booked it again and then i used a hammer to get it to lvl 3.

    Although my focus when farming hasnt been de over time it accumulates. Heroes are currently king and queen lvl 14 (upgrading to lvl 15 now) and warden is lvl 6.
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    I am rushing an alt account and having a ton of fun. I only upgrade Archer and will use her till I get Miners. Currently upgrading to TH9 now. No issues farming RSS since my upgrades are very focused to moving up quickly.
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