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Thread: Two QOL wishes with regards to trees-bushes: 4th harvest indicator and Replant option

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    Two QOL wishes with regards to trees-bushes: 4th harvest indicator and Replant option

    I would like to bring forth a wish for two small features with regards to trees and bushes, that would be a big QOL update.

    1. Can we have some sort of indication to distinguish third harvest from fourth (final) harvest? In this thread it was suggested an added icon on the basket when doing the harvesting, which sounds like an easy way to handle this.
    2. Can we have a "replant" feature besides the "cut" feature after fourth (final) harvest? So that you can either choose to cut tree/bush (uses 1 saw/axe), or you can choose to replant the tree/bush, which will use 1 saw/axe as well as the appropriate amount of gold and replace the old tree/bush with a new plant of the same species.
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    Great ideas! Both would make my life easier. Thanks.
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    Love idea number 2, that would help me a lot as I have hundreds on the expanded land. Not sure how to word this, but idea number 1; when I sometimes have trees that are packed together, some would be on stage 3 while others would be on 4, so this icon would have to change hundreds of times while I was harvesting if my trees were all at different stages, not sure about that one.
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