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Thread: should i Farm giants and P.E.K.K.A now?

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    should i Farm giants and P.E.K.K.A now?

    i am using GIWIPE to grind heroes and gaining DE super fast. i usually can put the heroes down as soon as they are up again. get all the DE the majority of the time but i only have lvl 3 P.E.K.K.A and lvl 5 giant. should i pause my hero grind to get them lvl 4 and lvl 6?

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    You’ll get more from an extra level of giants and pekka than you will from an extra level of heroes so in most cases I’d say go for the troops. If you can farm just fine though there’s less of a need. As a th12 with th11 giants it didn’t hurt my farming much so I never upgraded them.
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    Im not following how putting elixir troops into lab affects builders that are assigned to heros. Can someone please explain?

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    Of course you should go for the upgrade to level 6 giants and level 4 pekkas! But if you dont mind i recommend loonion in crystal leagues as well as Goblin Knife(one of my favourites!!).

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    Why would you need to pause your hero grind? Upgrade the pekkas and giants at same time as heroes. Pekka and giant are upgraded in lab with regular elixir, heroes are updated by a builder with dark elixir. One thing upgrading has absolutely nothing to do with the other, so there is no reason to pause your hero grind.

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    First focus on the upgrade of gaint and pakka thn consider about your heroes

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