Our clan is looking forward to seeing new members join us.

Clan requirements to get in:
1) Trophy Count is a minimum of 400.
2) Max Town Hall is TH10 as to keep a balance in wars.

Clan Requirements to STAY in:
1) Must keep an even donate/recieve count (only acception being having a higher donate then recieve count)
2) Clarify if you will participate in wars if not, then you must donate to each member in a war as to support the Clan members at war.
3) When in war You must ask to claim a player, also read notes and if you have a problem with note strategy then clarify in clan chat, or in the clan discord (which will be provided in clan chat if requested)
4) Elder rank is earned through achieving war stars, required stars are 20. To recieve the rank you must be accepted by at least 2 Elders, 1 Co-Leader, or Leader. There can only be 20 Elders at a time.
5)Co-Leader Rank is earned through having 50 stars and the player is approved by both another Co-leader and the Leader. There can only be 5 Co-Leaders at a time.
6)Harrasment of another clan member, whether in clan chat or in discord is prohibited and will result in immidiate expulsion from both the Clan, and the Discord.
7)Swearing is allowed but keep it as civil as possible.
8)acceptance into the clan is only permitted by the rank of Elder or up.
9) Have fun and be Active.

Clan name is "The 501st" the clan tag is #UYVPCQ8G
The leaders Tag is #U9RJ2JUL