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Thread: What other boosts would you like to see?

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    I'd like to see a boost to clock tower cooldown time and daily loot timer
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    A clock tower for main village, even if max duration remains 10 mins, sometimes u just need 10 mins to do one attack and get back to work, instead of wasting training potion.

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    The sleep boost is free to use. You go to sleep for 8-12 hours and all your upgrades will complete overnight but you'll loose some loot and trophies in the process. The next time you wake up you'll find some new troop events, CWL starting, and TBA patch updates.

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    I wouldn't change anything right now, since getting different boosts would SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER the value of the gold pass. I'm fine as it is, they should just make it so you can get the 20% boost earlier in the season.

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