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Thread: Multiple players looking for clan

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    Multiple players looking for clan

    Hi, I tried to recently get a an old clan up and running but it wasn't as successful as hoped. There are 3 active members (with a few alts). I have a near maxed TH9, the other two have TH10s. We are looking for an English speaking clan who war about once per week/ dont force wars upon people if they aren't able. Have a look at my account, the others are in my current clan: #9JQLRUR80

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    Hello Clasher

    Looking for new members (like who isn't right) to join and learn from each other. What's up if your still looking for a good close group that loves war and farming and just enjoying that game that we all love then check out whupazz X2 clan tag #U809YR8

    And if you stop by pls mention your from the forums and nisstro or darko sent you so you don't get rejected. Good group of guys that have been hanging around for a while (4+yrs). We are a bunch of adults who like to farm,war,builder hut playing, so we are not a hard core war clan but the participation it there. Take it easy and keep on clashing bud. So if you are looking for a new home or a good chat then stop in the L16 clan. Make sure you say you saw the post we might be in war k.

    We also use kik for more detailed information, but not required or in fact I dont think we even still use it lol.

    Also have another clan called Ascendente #2YRGY9LY looking for some leaders to join that one, in the Hope's of getting new players helping them to learn and grow their account

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    Check out my new clan Skoldiers (Level 4)

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    Hey there pal,

    I'm from a clan called # Capn's Corner (#28GCY80V2). We are a new adult clan (level 3) with people mainly from the UK but we have some US and Europe too. We are growing fast and are looking to expand our team! you guys seem like you'd fit in well? We dont force war; if you're opted out that is completely fine! We base ourselves on teamwork (clan games maxed within 2 days, friendly challenges to practice for war etc) Check us out and request saying you guys are from the forums, hopefully see you guys soon!


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    Feel free to five us a look. We do war twice a week but that is optional. Just opt in or out according to your preference. Standard blurb below.

    #8UCRP8CL. MN ICE. Mostly US based but we do have players in Europe. Adult clan. We war twice a week (optional), always max clan games, and are in crystal 2 for war leagues. Everyone is put on the league roster to get medals but only volunteers actually war. No drama. No silly rules. Just adults having fun. Put piper sent you in the invite if you drop by.
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    BAGZLAND is a LVL 8 war causal clan . BAGZLAND 2.0 is are more relaxed war clan so everyone can CWL , relaxed rules and wars for people still learning how to attack . We are currently looking for solid clan mates to help us continue to keep winning clan wars . We have all max level troops and we have max level siege machines .We always complete clan games . All players participate in CWL .
    What we need from you

    1. Someone who can be coached and is willing to coach others
    2. Someone who understands how to properly attack in wars
    3. Someone who can donate to th’s ranked lower than themselves
    4. Fun / respectable person

    If you would like to join us search BAGZLAND and put in the request “ Bigbossjee sent me “ and you will be accepted . clan tag #289LUGVJG clan tag #20UG2Y0CV

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    Death b4 Defeat Level 15 #G22V9QC8. We're Fairplay clan/CWL. No Kids. No Drama. No pressure to 3*. Fun and Relaxing environment but yet very competitive during war. War back to back with the option to opt out. No app to download but we do have discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Nhi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!!

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    Wolfie, I'd like to invite you to check out my clan, Sandy Little's. We are exactly what you are looking for Below is a link to my forum ad so you can see for yourself. Would love to chat with you about joining. Hit me up here or in game, my id is #U9L9CY2V. My clan is #208GPPL8. Hope to hear from you soon! If not, good luck and clash on!

    Here is the link to my advert:

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    Hey, we'd love to have you guys in our clan!

    I can see that I'm not the first to advertise my clan, but I suggest at least stopping by, just to see what you might miss!

    A little information about us:

    10th Legion - #YJ8UYY2V
    Crystal 2 in CWL
    Clan LVL 14
    We do b2b wars, and there's no huge pressure to 3*, as long as you do your best, use your attacks, and try that's all we ask from you
    We have a solid spread of players; With some th12's, a good amount of 11's, good amount of 10's aswell and some 9's
    We always max clan game, and very fast - so even if you're not able to reach the 4000 mark, don't worry! We got your back
    Most of our players are European but we also a solid amount from the US

    If you think we are the right clan for you two, feel free to request in-game and be sure to write this: "From SC Forum - Here because of Lukas" that way we know you came from this post and will be accepted straight away. Alternatively, you can shoot me a pm here and I'll respond asap.
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