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Thread: Multiple players looking for clan

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    *****The Official WTFBBQ Recruiting thread******

    Join @

    WTFBBQ (#2CRL080Y) is recruiting!

    We are a level 17/champs league III casual war clan; too sexy for our shirts and hellbent on CoC destruction!
    80% win ratio with 550+ wins
    War 3x/week (Sun/Tues/Fri)

    We are 100% fair play and currently on the hunt for solid TH10s, 11s, and 12s; No engineers
    We need quality 10s most. We have a very strong squad of 12s and 11s but event wars require more 10s!

    Minimum requirements are as follows:
    Th10 – 70 combined
    Th11s - 100 combined
    Th12s - 120 combined
    Don't meet these requirements?
    Come join us in WTFBBQ Smoke until you get there!

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    If you havent found a clan yet come check us out!

    Stop by our clan or discord for a visit, I think you would be a great fit!

    ProfangHulagang | Townhall 6+ | Clan level 11| Social/Constant War | Max Clan Games | Join Request “Brandor sent me” |#PL9RLCVQ

    Come See us on Discord

    We are a Mature, North American, English Only, Clan Game Maxing, League War killing, Constant War Clan with a great core group of experienced guys. Always Welcome aboard, and if we dont see you, happy Clashing!

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    Rebuilding War & Clan Games clan. Under new Management Seeking dedicated, active TH 7+ members. Discord is REQUIRED: Join link:

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    My name is G Money in the game and I just took over my old dormant clan. I’m looking for active war players without a rushed base, engineered ok. We are a level 10 clan named Pulp Fiction (#2880YY2V) Looking for th8 and up and could really use th10’s and up. We have siege machines and maxed troops for donations, please look us up and join!! We are an adult clan and war back to back! We max out in clan games and is active in CWL. We are a Michigan based war clan and start wars around 11pm eastern time.

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