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Thread: Non-Rushed TH11

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    Non-Rushed TH11

    I'm active in war, clan games, cwl and anything else you can think of! I'm from the United States. Currently looking for a high level war clan that's th9+. I also have discord in case that is a requirement.

    War Stars: 985
    Level: 152
    Town Hall: 11
    Name: Only15Character
    Unique Code: #QGLLJ20Q
    Discord: Only15Character#4330

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    Super Member partsguy's Avatar
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    Dec 2014
    Port Alberni, B.C.
    Fun adult hybrib clan looking for players at B.C. Buds #8VLYJLJC

    B.C. Buds at #8VLYJLJC a fun adult hybrid clan
    What we offer:
    -Bunch of adults having fun playing a GAME
    -1 war/week on thursday with searches at 7:30 ish pm pacific
    -We ask EVERY time if you want in so please don't expect to be in war just because you are flagged green
    -No drama, no kids
    -Nobody breathing down your neck for 3 stars every war
    -Level 13ish so we have the two troop level boosty thing going on
    -Mostly farmers with a small dedicated crew for war
    -Mostly th10+
    -Several th12 so siege requests are not a problem
    -Quiet chat but VERY solid donations
    -Bad jokes
    -We are non serious so no apps needed
    -Most of our freaks are from Canada but we have international players as well
    -Though our name may indicate stoners, the “buds” is for friendliness
    -Easily reach end tier in clan games
    -We now have a sister clan: House of cali's @ #V9J9JQRV for smaller townhalls
    -currently sitting in crystal 1 in cwl and i foresee us staying there for now
    What we are looking for:
    -Non hardcore adults looking to share troops and have fun
    -Any townhall level and trophy league welcome but(th9+ if you want to war)(th10+ for CWL)
    -Though we are casual farmers, we do take war a little serious so NO rushers or engineers if you war
    -Two full war troop attacks every war
    -First war attack is down one(usually) and second is discussed in chat(mirror in CWL)
    -Sense of humour
    -Replays, replay, replays, we love replays
    -Activity…make requests and give donations and stay in a league
    -We are adults so we swear but please, do not abuse it.
    -PLEASE be respectful

    The clan is closed so p.m. me if you are interested

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    We're a level 14 war clan. About half US/Canada, other half UK. About a dozen TH12s for seige donations.

    Adult clan

    266-48-1 war record

    Max clan games every time

    Master II CWL (7-0 last time)

    Lots of FC action

    Fast donations, donate whatever you ask for

    Mention the forums in your request should you decide to join or swing by our Discord server for a chat.


    Edit-I sent you a friend request on DC (OzDGr8&Pwrfl#5051)
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    Aug 2018
    Hello, if you're still looking, we are a chill clan that wars on the regular,we also do games and war leagues. We donate pretty regularly and are looking for bases of any level. We enjoy helping each other out and giving each other pointers to improve.
    Our name is USandofA and the tag is #RJ8J92VQ. We are a level 11 clan getting close to 50 members with a positive war record. If you request, say CSTEEL97 sent you

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    Nov 2015
    Ohio, USA

    Level 18
    - 9,363/18,500| Master I
    BloodyIrishman - TH12 [Level 206] - #2 in TH12 Hall of Fame
    Follow this link if you're interested in joining!

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    Check out my new clan Skoldiers (Level 4)

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    Jun 2014
    BAGZLAND is a LVL 8 war causal clan . BAGZLAND 2.0 is are more relaxed war clan so everyone can CWL , relaxed rules and wars for people still learning how to attack . We are currently looking for solid clan mates to help us continue to keep winning clan wars . We have all max level troops and we have max level siege machines .We always complete clan games . All players participate in CWL .
    What we need from you

    1. Someone who can be coached and is willing to coach others
    2. Someone who understands how to properly attack in wars
    3. Someone who can donate to th’s ranked lower than themselves
    4. Fun / respectable person

    If you would like to join us search BAGZLAND and put in the request “ Bigbossjee sent me “ and you will be accepted . clan tag #289LUGVJG clan tag #20UG2Y0CV

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    Apr 2019
    Heya! Co-leader from Reddit Electrum #GVJ2RQC here! You could be a good fit. Reddit Electrum is a chill war-oriented clan with very active core members (also RCS verified clan). We are a mix of farmers, pushers and warriors. 80% of our clan is TH12, 11, and 10.

    You can find more information on our recruiting post: and on our clashofstats page:

    If you're interested, the only thing we would ask you is to look for the password on the RCS page: and mention it in your in-game request or on our discord server:
    Hope to see you soon!

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    I lead a lvl 14 clan you're welcome to join. We are currently looking for more th11s & 12s so you'd be a good & useful fit. We win 70% of our wars & average 95%+ destruction.

    We are filled with solid attackers & most of us have multiple accounts. We always max clan games & war b2b. We are an international clan, but most of our members are USA, with some Canada, Australia & UK.

    Currently we are in Crystal 1 for CWL but will easily be advancing to Masters 3 this upcoming one (3 of our th11s just went th12).

    You're welcome to join & do a couple wars to see if we'd be a good fit for you. We also use discord to communicate so feel free to hit us up on there if that's easier for you. Happy clashing & goodluck in finding a home!

    Clan Name: Royal Blood WAR
    Clan Tag: #9PQQ0Y9J

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    Jun 2015
    Valley Stream, NY
    If you're still looking, consider Beer Pandas (#qQ9RJJR0) - Lv14 - CWL Masters II. We are a serious, but non-hardcore war clan, primarily US-based, with a third in EMEA.

    We are looking for a few, non-rushed TH11s and TH12s, who are eager to compete in regular wars, clan war leagues and clan games.

    We war twice a week - opt in, when you can...opt out, when you can't. If you opt in, you are expected to make your assigned/called attacks. We use GroupMe for general communication, information sharing and war strategy.

    In Clan War Leagues, we recently placed 5th in Master II (30v30) with a lineup including 9 th12s, 12 TH11s, 12 th10s, and 4 th9s.

    In Clan Games, we have maxed EVERY clan game event and regularly exceed 100K.

    Come check us out - war logs are open. If you like what you see, mention "Wayneman" in your join request.

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