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Thread: Derby cheaters?

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    Angry Derby cheaters?

    I’m not sure how this could occur, but in our current Hay Day derby the number one two and three teams have derby scores that are impossible. Right now (with two days to go) the top team has an average of over 400 points per task per player. (66,000 total team points to our 9,000.) Something is wrong Hay Day! Anyone else have this phenomenon occurring?
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    The first thing you should look at is your own NH house and see if there could be players that are opted in that are either not playing at all or had intended to be opted-out. Then take a look at your competitors NH. You do that by tapping on the symbol by the horse, and it will show you the NH and who is opted-in. The number opted in should be the same.

    If there is a difference in numbers of players actually opted in, it could be due to players leaving prior to the derby ending. But you can check all of the opposing NHs and verify the information.

    Also with this being a blossom derby, the point value of the task increases each time a new player does that particular task. The first player gets 320 points, the second 350, third gets 375 and all subsequent players would receive 400 points.

    I hope this helps.
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    You need to be more specific: what league, how many opted in, are all your members completing the same derby tasks.

    example, my hood has 5 opted in Champions league for 9 + extra task. That’s as high as 10 tasks total x 5 players. Each task as completed will earn the following points per task...
    320+350+375+400+400=1845 points per task.
    1845x9 tasks=16605 derby points or 1845x10=18450 derby points with extra taken by all members opted in.

    trying to precount number of tasks taken of your competition is difficult as tasks are at different stages of score, factoring how many opted in (number of blossom tasks available) & who’s working on what at any given time.

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    Our Hood, usually finishes 4-6 is currently in 1st with 50% more points than 2nd place. Strange things happens.

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