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Thread: Th12 upgrade advice.

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    Hammer or Heroes - great use on AQ, especially if you don't like having her down for 7 days at a time.
    Hammer of Troops - any long term troop is a good use, especially ones you use in war.
    Hammer of Building - Great on CC as you can do it without upgrading storages first. Very good on barracks and or dark barracks if you like to save time time on troop production. Decent value on camps but you can use camps while they are upgrading so I never used them on that. Workshop is also great to use book/hammer on.
    Builder Potions - by far the "best value" if fill storages quickly and have 5 builders busy often.

    I don't think there are wrong or bad choices for spending medals but the above is my own personal thoughts on how best to use them. I'm sure others have different and equally good ideas.
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