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Thread: Hood nearly imploded over Blossom Derby

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olympius View Post
    If you do really care about your neighborhood doing great team work on blossom derbies my advice is to play in a small team : 2-3 players .
    Playing with 2 players is dull - you only got 1 blossom task at a time. 3 or 4 is quite good, you'll get 2 blossoms and you can still track when to trash blossom task (when it's 400p or when you have finished 400p task). However, also with 2 blossom tasks you'll need to be trashing every 30min sharp to get easy tasks.

    With large hoods you need to keep score and "easy" tasks such as help can be a burden.

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    I also feel that 2-3 player team is good for blossom derby if all can work closely together and communicate well. Each player must play each blossom once then after all done trash and get new blossom. It can be a wild fast race if you have any opposing teams getting fast tasks. Only 1 blossom for 2 players. 2 blossoms at a time for 3 players.

    I agree that the blossom derby can really damage a hood, make players frustrated and mad.
    Slow players take forever to do a simple task.
    Frustrating there are ones that take a blossom task to bed and sign off for a day while other waiting players are fuming.
    Then the faster players lack patience, start playing non-blossom tasks, missing out on valuable 400 pt blossoms.
    I had such players do that. They panicked because they could not idle and wait on the slower ones , afraid they would not finish derby in time. They all finished with 3 derby days left. I had slower players do a carrot task or wheat blossom with only about 15% of their field and planted other things in the remaining space. One guy signed off forever in the middle of a blossom wheat task. Blossom tasks had like a 2 day expiration time. One player got the feed task signed off and let it expire on him. SMH.
    Next blossom derby I am going to opt out and let them go back to torturing themselves and fighting over slow tasks.

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    Reading this made me laugh...only bc in the past I have felt your pain over every one of these issues. It never ceases to amaze me how a group of people can just not get it. Itís not rocket science! Once we had a few under our belt along with my ranting, they all see how really easy this is and we knock it out of the park. Every time I have someone who has never blossomed with us before, I hold my breath for one of those things you mentioned. All I can say, is try to be patient, keep educating...try not to rant..and go boldly forward!
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