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Thread: Hood nearly imploded over Blossom Derby

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    Hood nearly imploded over Blossom Derby

    So...our hood nearly imploded yesterday as there were 2 players who for life reasons didnít get on to do blossom tasks. There were some harsh words exchanged...we are usually a pretty laid back and supportive hood. We are dealing with 3 or so time zones...UK, USA AND Western Canada. So itís a bit shocking to be experiencing stress over a derby. We value our hood mates more than taking a trophy.
    You can imagine that feelings were hurt. It looks like the situation with a lot of discussions and apologies this morning may have repaired the situation.

    What have you experienced during Blossom derby...good and bad please? and how is it all handled by leader/co leader.

    thank you

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    Blossom derby used to be the most frustrating derby for me, people sitting on tasks for days, people not taking blossom tasks at all. The wait could be endless. I moved to a new hood and this was the best blossom derby ever. 10 tasks done in 10 hours. Our leader carefully selects the tasks we take, we all do them, only taking them when we can do them quickly. On day 2 almost everyone is done. It is important that the leader(s) are clear about how they want the derby to be done and that everyone follows the directions or opts out if they can’t for some reason.

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    we have had same experiences many harsh words and carrotgates due to people sitting on task too long usually making up next days and getting back to normal business

    all this lead us to do a spot on derby this week, i finished in 5h myself all 10 tasks and believe hoods last was less than in 24h done

    reason why so quick is that we have lost several blossoms in a row with perfect score due to being to slow

    main thing is to choose wisely the tasks and start when you have a good set going and go through with the hood what is important

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    A friend of mine left his long time hood where he was co leader due to a blossom derby - many months ago. Mainly this was because another co leader took an easy blossom and then disappeared for over a day. Seriously.

    In my small hood we work together, committed, on every derby and the blossoms are done for us in a few short hours. We got lucky this particular week we didnít even have to grow too many short crops because we each agreed to stack the same 5 baskets and we got all of them to show up! Thatís lucky.

    the bigger the hood, the bigger the potential problems if folks donít log in regularly and communicate. My feeling is that blossom derbies are about teamwork and communication and if you canít derby on Tuesday - opt out. Itís super selfish in a team that wants to be competitive to stay opted in if youíve got full time Real Life commitments that will keep you from checking in regularly. But if itís a laid back team that doesnít care about placing, horseshoes are relatively easy, do what you want.

    The other thing that gets teams hung up is queues on crop tasks - the leader should establish etiquette for this and follow it so no one is confused....itís smart on tasks like carrots and especially soybeans to give the Ďlast plantingí heads up so someone can be ready to go with a field done when the task is free.....but if youíre sitting on 160 carrots and someone else swoops in and snags it while youíre waiting, youíre going to be a bit mad. So make sure everyone knows whatís expected - either Ďdibsí are allowed and everyone should read the chat or itís a free for all. Either way you know what to expect.
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    We don't play for top three. But it is still annoying when people sit on tasks. I asked people to NOT take them if they couldn't get them done quickly and yet here we are still waiting on two people who have been sitting on the tasks for DAYS. The worst was the last blossom derby though, we had a ex neighbor who sat on a WHEAT task for three days. He claimed he kept forgetting then planting other things. When he finally finished it the last 4 neighbors took it and all finished in a few hours time.
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    We ALWAYS put out absolutely clear rules for the next Derby in my team .
    And all players in the team have 3 alternative , 1 do the Derby and follow the rules , 2 opt-out from the Derby , or 3 leave the team .
    Mistakes and things in life happen , We know that and that is ok , But if a player destroy for the other players to get profit from it them self they can star look for a new team to .
    Very important is that the rules for the next Derby is put out in good time before the Derby start ,and are easy to understand and follow
    I dont think Blossom Derbys is hard only a bit different .

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazra3ti View Post
    Your neighborhood sounds like my dream place! Lol. Are you taking in any members?
    Not sure if they are, but in the meantime take a look at the Recruitment threads here:

    Good luck!
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    Whatever style of play a hood trades on, whether that be laid back as in this instance or super competitive, Blossom Derby is as much about mutual respect for other players as it is anything else. If placing isn’t one of the hoods objectives it is still respectful for those opted in to complete tasks in a timely manner to allow the others to complete and delete from tasks so as to free up the new batch of tasks for the next round of play. To spend hours and hours on simple crop tasks only creates frustration for others who want to get on, there has to be a balance and an acknowledgement that even the smaller hoods have a combination of different strengths, styles and approaches, so in this one the team need to work to this strategy.
    Communication also with the team is key to everyone knowing what’s going on.
    It’s never good when a hood implodes, or exchanges “harsh words” and I don’t think it’s ever the leaders aim to create a hub of tension - in fact all leaders I know want a stress free, friendly hood where all players respect the others and gel as a team, but sometimes it has to be acknowledged that if styles are so very different then it could be the best approach for everyone involved that some go their separate way.
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    Totally agree Paulettes, players must realise that blossom derby tasks are timed, therefore they cannot sit on a task and a strategy must follow, tasks done in a timely manner, whilst others prep for it, respect and team work is a must. ��
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    Paulettes, well said.

    If the rules are clear, and a player fails to follow them, that player(s) is showing a complete lack of respect for the rest of the team.

    If a real life issue was the culprit its up to the hoodie to explain. In my NH, if a player who can't follow the rules leaves, my team has immediately improved, imo!

    If I were a hoodie in a NH where a player is so rude to his/her fellow hoodies as to sit on tasks or disappear for hours, I would welcome the exit.

    Good leaders work had at establishing a team ethos that includes team effort and mutual respect. People who don't fit that ethic are better off finding a NH better suited to their style.

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