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Thread: Rare hero skins

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    Rare hero skins

    hi I have an idea. With hero skins... you should give us a choice of 3 everytime but we can only choose one! that way over time... certain ones that weren't selected by many would become rather there will usually always be one clear favourite! making everyone's collection unique!! just an idea... love the addition. great work supercell!! 😁👍

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    I mean I dont know about this idea since from a supercell standpoint this may be hard to implement. In order to have "rare" skins supercell would need to make 3 new skins every season challenges and wouldnt be able to reuse the skins because if they did they wouldnt be so rare. In addition this would require supercell to make 3 skins a month, which is one every 8 days and could overload the game files. I know they made the 3d models to make designing skins easier but I dont think they could output skins that fast.

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