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    An open letter to Management

    Dear SC Executives, Managers, Developers, et al:

    First and foremost, I wanted to thank you and also congratulate you on the amazing improvements you’ve made to CoC. The Clan Games, Clan War League and Season Challenges have given new life to the game and even inspired OG’s to return to the Clan and invest in playing again. The QoL is much improved and game play is outstanding.

    With all of these improvements, Chiefs are rapidly upgrading and wanting more. Most people who play love to compete and to win, but many are fully maxed and running out of things to upgrade or accomplish. At least 5 members of my Clan are leaving multiple rewards unclaimed — no room in storages and they already have exceeded Rune and Book limits.

    I humbly ask SC to consider this plight. With the push of a button or two, you could unlock the remaining wall pieces for upgrades. With a little more effort, you could add a single level to additional troops and defensive buildings. I know there is a development schedule and things take time. Just asking SC to consider your most valuable customers who have invested time and $$$ into CoC — customers who have maxed out and want more (and more). Throw us a bone (or just 50 wall segments).

    Respectfully submitted,

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    This is requested on a regular basis - here for instance.

    The answer is in the same thread. Closed.

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