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Thread: New upgrades

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    New upgrades

    My idea is to add two new building improvements to the game.
    The first is to add to all Tesla upgrades so that their lightning, like an electrodragon, jumps over three wariors. Damage after each jump will be on 10. I know the improvement is small but can help in the defense. Tesla improvement will be like improvement from the main builder, but for all tesles. This upgrade will open at 10 town hall and cost 6 million gold.
    The second is a special upgrade of the town hall in which when it is destroyed several warriors run out from there. It will be places from 5 to 15 and will open at 10 town hall. An upgrade of this ability will be level 1 at 10 city hall, level 2 at city hall 11, level 3 at city hall 12. This will increase the value of the town hall defensively. The upgrade of the town hall will be like the upgrade of the gigatesla. So that at the base of the enemy it was possible to distinguish this improvement, I propose how to change the appearance of the Town Hall. To improve level 1, it will take 5 million gold and 4 days, for level 2 7 million and 6 days, for level 3 9 million and 8 days.
    I think there will not be a special collapse of balance, just small pleasant additions.
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