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Thread: Regarding number of Laboratory Troops that can be upgraded

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    Regarding number of Laboratory Troops that can be upgraded

    Hi fellow clashers,

    I recently started playing COC again after almost 4 years of break and am having a blast. The new cost and time reductions for upgrading troops in the laboratory were amazing as well. I am currently in TH7 about to enter TH8.

    The issue which I wanted to discuss about is regarding the number of troops that can be upgrading at any given time. Currently, only one upgrade is possible at any given time, at TH levels starting from TH7, this is pretty much bottle-necking the speed of upgrading to the next level as when you compare the amount of "Necessary Gold that's left untouched / idle" vs "Necessary Elixir that's left untouched / idle" varies a lot.

    For reference;
    • In terms of Gold, I would consider building and upgrading home base defenses, elixir/dark collectors, elixir/dark storage, walls, and traps as necessity but any upgrades using the master builder aren't necessary due to their cost at early TH levels, leaving them impractical.
    • In terms of Elixir, I would consider building and upgrading gold collectors, gold storage, barracks, laboratory and upgrading most of troops and spells within the laboratory (to have multiple attack options open) as necessity.

    What I am suggesting is allowing more than one upgrade during laboratory, and I am not gonna be naive say allow whatever, that would ruin the game balance but rather I suggest the following options;
    • Allow 1 Elixir based troop/spell AND1 Dark Elixir based troop/spell upgrade at the same time.
    • or, Allow 1 Elixir based troop AND 1 Elixir based spell AND 1 Dark Elixir based troop AND 1 Dark Elixir based spell upgrade at the same time.

    And obviously, only allow the upgrade to be possible if the elixir requirement for upgrading that troop is met. This would reduce the downtime idling between upgrades and resources to be left for getting stolen as they cant be used anywhere else.

    Kindly requesting any feedback you may have. Happy clashing!

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    Please read the Sticky and you'll see that your idea is ruled out.

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    I have read many threads regarding the lab upgrade process. Without a doubt the lab is an intentional bottleneck. The need to properly plan which upgrade to do and when is a part of the strategy in this game. And recently that strategy has completely changed seeing how we have the option to skip upgrade time using books and skip both upgrade times and cost with the hammers (it is also possible to receive a 20% reduction in cost and time if you purchase the gold pass). People were maxing out troops and spells long before any of these features were added so it is very possible to do without having more than one upgrade working at a time.

    I do agree that having the option to upgrade one troop and one spell will be needed going from town hall 13 and forward. What with some 21 troops, 11 spells, and 3 siege machines, plus whatever else is added, it may be too much. Then again, we cannot confirm that everything will be getting more levels. The rage spell gets maxed out at town hall 8. 4 town halls later and still no upgrade. Goblins can get maxed at town hall 10. Barbs and archers maxed at 11. so maybe we'll only have 15 upgrade options at town hall 13? Who knows? Not me! We will just have to wait to see what Super Cell introduces going forward.
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