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    Question RE: "Fairplay Initiatives Inquiry: Bot Users"

    Hello Forums,

    I recently made a post regarding bot users and it garned a little attention, not too much and nothing toxic in my opinion. Darian and a few other moderators even commented on it.

    I had been under the impression having a discussion on the topic was fine as long as there was no "naming and shaming". However it appears the post has either been deleted or locked and I did not receive any notification or otherwise to explain why it was closed or how I can avoid having my posts deleted/locked going forward.

    I would appreciate some transparency on the matter so that myself and other prospective posters can remain within the forum guidelines while having genuine discussions about the game we love.

    Thank you,

    The link to the original post can be found here:

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    i also made comments in this post- was actually nice to raise this topic since i belive it does hurt the game and this is definitely an aspect that should be improved.
    But if i remember correctly some forumers were quick enough to take it to personal level and i guess this made this post disappear
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    If you have a question about why your thread was closed it is best to private message a moderator and ask the question rather than starting another thread about it.
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    Maybe because of unintended advertisement for those bots. By talking about them, more players hear about bots and might use them. It's better not to discuss topics like this here. SC knows about it and I'm sure they are already doing what they can to stop bots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    If you have a question about why your thread was closed is best to private message a moderator and ask the question rather than starting another thread about it.
    This ... totally this. Just send a PM to one of the mods...

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    I you have any questions as to why a thread was removed then PM a moderator.

    The thing is though the forum rules on the subject have not changed. It is and always has been against rules to discuss these things on the forums especially when we go deeper into the workings of them.
    we have relaxed the rules ever so slightly when banwaves started but nevertheless the rules still apply.

    It also needs no further discussion.
    it is against ToS and people can and do get banned for using them.

    The End.

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