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    Night Mode

    Hey there.... I'm TheSquander.
    I've a good idea, if there is a night mode in hay day that would be more amazing and it'll look gorgeous...
    So isn't it a good idea..
    I've see a lot of pc games that have night mode so we (mean mostly I) want that night mode in HAY DAY...
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    Unfortunately having a night mode on the game has been ruled out. I think it would be a really cool idea. I would love to have a night mode. I even thought that during the Halloween theme they could have the farm at night (no day) during the season. It would make it easier for the creators (I think)
    Keep thinking of more ideas!

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    It’s a nice idea to create a new atmosphere, unfortunately many players are of retired age & have great difficulty seeing on small devices then to add darkness would hinder some from playing all together.

    Would only be fine if the option were allowed to be turned off in individual games permanently.

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    good point silver raptor

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