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Thread: New war clan! Non-rushed th8+ only! Apply on discord(gaming communication app)

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    Post New war clan! Non-rushed th8+ only! Apply on discord(gaming communication app)

    Clan Name: Scotland YardClan Tag: #LQQ00RL8
    Founders: IGN: Sherlock HolmesIGN: PaigeyIGN: Big Papa Satan/ Spawn of Satan

    Welcome to the clan Scotland Yard!

    Current Number of Members: 38

    Spots Left: 12

    Hello, we are a new international based war clan the requires you to speak English! We are starting fresh, because we broke off from a very old and successful war clan taking many three star specialists with us. We expect to grow and level this clan up fast by doing B2B wars! We are a fun and chill bunch, however we take our wars and CWL seriously. Ranks will be earned by war performance, CG points, and donations!

    War Time Details
    - When you join you will sit the first war out to see how we do things, and you MUST download Discord and join our server in order to be in any wars at all!
    Discord Server Link:
    - Some things that will prevent you from War would be

    • Heroes Upgrading
    • New TH Upgrade
    • Past War Performance

    CWL: Will be up to the CO’s and leader to decide who will be in CWL and how big CWL will be. For CWL we will always do what’s best for the clan.

    Requirements to Join
    TH7/8Must not have rushed walls, Troops, or Defenses, and must get BK level 5 before going TH8
    TH 9:Must have level 20 AQ/BK and may not be rushed in any areas
    TH10:Must have level 25 AQ/BK and level 10 walls with no rushed troops or defenses
    TH11Must have level 40+ AQ/BK and GW level 5, with at least all level 10/11 walls with no rushed troops or defenses
    TH12Must have level 50+ AQ/BK and Level 20 GW with no rushed troops or defenses, and at least all level 11 walls
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