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Thread: [Recruiting] - Helms Deep | Th8 Or above | War Focused | Clan Level 11 - 223 wins

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    [Recruiting] - Helms Deep | Th8 Or above | War Focused | Clan Level 11 - 223 wins

    Helms Deep is a family clan, that is hoping to recruit new members for clan wars and clan war leagues. We war every day except the weekends starting at night(EST). We are mostly American, but will accept members from all over the globe, as long as attacks can be made on time. All th8+ who are decently developed are welcome.

    We're a casual clan, so dont be discouraged if you think you might not be a great war attacker. We can help you improve, and will never take you out of war as long as you make your attacks. First war attack target will be sent in clan mail, and second attack can be discussed with clan. Make sure to make all attacks in war, and low town hall attacks should be made early into the war.

    Clan Tag: #YQ2PGJJP

    Make your application in game. When you apply write sethsucks in the description(You can include other information if you want).

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