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Thread: Walls or defenses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctaire View Post
    Plenty left to do there. I’d probably knock the RBs out first then go after either the CCs or the DS, followed by whichever you didn’t do first. Then circle back and hit Bombers, BDs, and finally the SP.
    ^ this .. get those CC's up right after barbs. They are still a really strong ground troop.

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    What's your trophy range? If you're around 4000 or up, I'd recommend getting the drop ships up, as (IMO) you'll need to run air attacks a bit more often.

    As far as defenses go, if you're running up against max super pekkas, you've gotta get the defenses up as soon as you can. SPs tear through non-max defenses without breaking a sweat. The walls help, but if you design them for pathing, their level isn't as important.

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