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Thread: Upgrade from th9-10

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    Upgrade from th9-10

    So this decision has been weighing on me for a while. Do I upgrade to th10 or not? My defenses are completely maxed, and all walls at 8/9. I have max dark and elixir troops, but my spells are not maxed except for rage and heal. My heroes are at 11/11 which is the only problem: do I rush a little bit and go to th10 or do I push my heroes up at th9? Im especially contemplating this now because of all the loot you get at the end of the season now with gold pass. If it helps at all, I am a pretty casual player (got CoC when it came out but only played off and on) and currently are in easy war situations where even with my bad heroes I can easily three star my mirror. What do I do?

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    I’d at least get my hero’s to 20. Between hammers and books and such it shouldn’t take too long. Hero’s are so important especially at th10+. I neglected mine and regretted it.

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