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Thread: Pause Challenge Timer When In Clouds

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    Pause Challenge Timer When In Clouds

    Challenge timers during Clan Games should pause if we are to be held captive in the clouds. I have had multiple challenges expire because the game can't find me an opponent in time. Being stuck in the clouds is not a new issue by any means. But players shouldn't be penalized because developers have failed to create a match algorithm that works. If I have 33 minutes left on a challenge, the moment I am stuck in the clouds, that timer should stop until I get an opponent or return to my village. The very fact that the game can't find me an opponent in 33 minutes is despicable in itself and should cause the developers worry because of the massive decrease in the fun factor. "Look at all The cool new features we've implemented.....that you can't enjoy because you're in the clouds a majority of the time." The only thing they seem to be good at is creating new ways to generate revenue, such as the Gold Pass. Fix the cloud issue already.

    Keep in mind, Super Cell....You've created a mobile game. Meaning, most people play on their phone. So when I look for a challenge and get stuck in the clouds, I have to hope no one calls me during that time, or else I need to start over. I am in legend league, but I have dropped below 5,000 trophies which does not seem to help at all. Even dropping trophies is a task in itself as I have to wait 30+ minutes just to get an opponent to dump trophies on. Sure, I get that some people have the luxury of playing on a tablet to free up their phone, but not everyone is able to do that.

    And I understand that this is not a new issue and that countless threads have been created about the cloud issue. I'm just tired of waiting to play the game and I'm tired of having challenges expire on me for a game I've invested so much into. I think the problem is the developers are giving too much shield and guard time to preserve the game for players who want to shoot for the #1 spot, which is ridiculous. I just want top bonus without having to wait 45 minutes for an opponent. I don't need to try for 6,000+ trophies. Maybe collapse the tiers and remove some of the shield time. Or keep the shield time the same but remove the guard. Sure, it will be harder to hold on to trophies, but if you collapse the tiers, then you can achieve top bonus at say 4,000 trophies instead of 5,000. Either way, it feels the developers are ruining the game for the super small percentage of players who want to go over 6,000 trophies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuno75 View Post
    I have dropped below 5,000 trophies which does not seem to help at all.
    For me the tipping point is around 4,400. Or maybe being in T2 vs T3, not sure. Once above that mark the cloud time increases dramatically.

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