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    Hi 👋 Iím looking for a neighbourhood .

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    Hi Mayday,
    We are looking for members. Wonkey Donkey's JJYPGRJ. Invite only so if you would like to try us out, I would need your tag.
    We accept all levels and nationalities as long as you can communicate in English.
    We are fairly quiet at the moment, but very helpful.

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    Tag #LOPECJOYV Raggy Farm is looking for highly competitive players. Must want to WIN, PLACE OR SHOW in derby. We coordinate our derby task and help each other for quick wins, and; we appreciate a lot of communication, so fluent English is important. We complete our derby’s within the first 2-3 days. Most important we want to have lots of fun. Come check us out and request to join. We might be the right neighborhood for you.

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    The Free Spirits Neighborhood

    #PR8Y08PQ yellow flower/orange horse emblem

    The Free Spirits is looking for new members. We are a new NH and would love to have more join our community. We are looking for derby focused players who want to help us get to the Champions League and be successful in placing.

    We promote to elder on arrival. (We just got promoted to Professional and plan on working our way up to Champions League without problem.) We do 315+ tasks for normal derby, 10th is optional, and max point tasks for special derbies.

    We also have a Facebook group (The Free Spirits of Hay Day) and messenger chat (both must be joined) used to make announcements and communicate with each other outside of the game if help is needed, to advertise sales or just to get to know each other. We want to have fun with the game and chat and laugh and help one another grow the NH and our farms together.

    The NH is currently set to request to join and if you'd be interested DM me here so that we can get you added via Facebook to join the group and subsequently the chat and NH. Looking forward to playing together.

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    Hi Agnes,

    If you are looking for fun active friendly neighborhood with a good team spirit,
    Do check us out "Derby Team Players" #ULQPGLG (Level 70+) 320/400 * 10 tasks
    We are done with this week blossom derby and we are a bunny family.
    You can join our hood if you wanna have fun and play addictively
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    Cool Hi! Please check us out!

    Quote Originally Posted by AgnesI View Post
    Hi 👋 Iím looking for a neighbourhood .
    Calling all Derby Addicts!! 50 SH@des of H@y D@y wants you!! 41 GOLDS Champ Hood!

    🐴🏆🏇Active derby & town players welcome to your new winning home‼️🏆🐴🏆🏇Come join 50 Sh@des of H@y D@y
    Tag #90Q8CVQC

    We are a competitive CL hood! We love to place top 3 in every derby, yet we do it with a laid back, friendly and fun-loving vibe. We do 10 x 320 and/or 10 x 400. We also all love to work our towns and try hard to make sure there are always enough townies for everyone. Very helpful and friendly.
    We are VERY experienced derby players. We have placed top 3 in all but 3 Derbies in the last year we have been together.
    Trophy Count: Gold-41; Silver-16; Copper-5

    *10 x 320 /10 x 400 tasks. All other tasks are trashed.
    *OPT OUT any week u canít complete all tasks.
    *Please speak FLUENT ENGLISH
    *Minimum level 60
    *Work your town Daily. Even if you opt out of the derby, it is so appreciated if you hop on and kick townies so your hood mates have plenty from which to choose.

    **Joining us on MESSENGER is mandatory! It really helps for blossom and bingo derby, it's how we get 3 lines and gold EVERY bingo derby and for general communication!! You donít have to talk a lot it's up to you, just check in regularly!

    A friendly, helpful, and cooperative neighborhood.
    A fun, drama free community.
    An easy going and supportive atmosphere.
    Shared inventory, SALES, boat, truck, and expansion aide.

    We look forward to welcoming you to your new home!
    If you have any questions, send me a message on here or
    It's REQUEST to join, so if your not in a hood, check us out!

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    It would help if you posted your level and what sort of neighborhood you were in search of.
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