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Thread: Need A Challenge like Engineering

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreadPirateRoberts View Post
    Wait...the season bank lands in treasury? I thought storage, I might have read the Q&A wrong.

    Anyway, I was thinking it would all be in storage so I could see people dropping to the bottom of the cup ladder and tweak their base to maximize shields but minimize loot loss. All while filling season bank throughout the season. Could be a challenge, and a wild waste/usage of loot.
    That's true .. so, the calculations are off by quite a big margin. In fact, the storages can be fleeced for 875K twice a day 1.750K lost per day. .. Meaning that the Storages will be empty after 21 days or 42 defends.

    Well, resources are still relevant in the game, that was actually made me a bit nervous.

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