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Thread: Level appropriate threshold rewards

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    Level appropriate threshold rewards

    Iím level 183. Why still receive town expansion items for level threshold rewards at this level? I maxed every building in my town years ago and would much rather receive appropriate rewards, such as BEMs, TEMs, vouchers, etc.
    This is implementable in the same way as how we do not receive expansion permits or puzzle pieces when thereís no more need for those items, or how special event items do not appear in the wheel of fortune.

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    I feel your pain.
    I have tons of TEM in my barn, I usually give them away to my neighbors but they don't seem interested in expanding their towns. They do want bars to upgrade the train. They want land expansion, they want barn and silo items. So I am stuck with hand drills and buckets of tar and paint.

    I would love to see the derby prizes change. I wish they would give us things like a booster storage spot, an extra slot in a production building of our choice, special decorations, land expansion items, anything that might come in handy for us.
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    all my production buildings have all their slots - with unpurchased diamonds I may add. Don't even go there with all the useless town expansion items. Barn and silo are the only things everyone seems to want. Now a permanent booster storage spot is a good prize

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    I dont think the worst thing is that high level players get so much useless things ,
    The worst thing is that we only get worthless coins when We sell them ,
    If there was any value in the coins it would be OK ,
    I am on level 201 and have 220 million coins , I dont think I need more coins .

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    Lol I wish I had that many coins

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