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    I am maxed. I dont care about hero skins i dont care about 1 gem donations and certainly not about loot. Good enough reason Piper? I have spent money on the game in the past but even this low low price for what is admittedly massive value would only be useful to me if I was a mid TH12 or any TH lower.
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    Have nothing to use the excess gold, lix and de overflowing on my base for, i have many books, more than 1k medals, Except we have something new to spend on or a sick queen skin is on offer next, i wont be buying next gold pass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frogged View Post
    Sounds like the f2p will remain f2p but the payers will continue to pay because it is admittedly a good value.
    i doubt that. the gold pass was mostly created in a way to entice f2p players. if they gave hero skin in the shop it would not hav done that. so i think few f2p got converted as it provides a massive value.

    as for OP, i think the AQ skin will only increase the players buy rate. so the first two seasons will most likely be huge in revenue. if we see a decrease, it could be in 3rd season. and imo the 4th season has good chances of revenue decrease if SC dont give something huge. i just hope they dont give any gameplay advantage to skins in 4th season.

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    By next month I will be max except for walls, but I am sure I will buy the pass. One gem donation was sweet all by itself.....

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    I will only purchase it for an account I am developing. For my max 12, I do not raid with it at all with nothing to build on it, and would feel compelled to farm making it a job not a game.
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    In actuality I will definitely buy it for my mini as well next month. Currently upgrading it to th12, and will be done right before this season ends. Will be very helpful as a new th12, as it is quit a hill to climb to be offensively on par

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    If they give queen skin yes, if no probably

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    We have to buy gold pass every month or only once (i know this is a silly question)??

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    i dont wanna to buy it even this month i also didnt buy it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumitkumarilun4545ilun View Post
    i dont wanna to buy it even this month i also didnt buy it
    .. yet.

    You didn't by it this month, yet.

    You may still change your mind as you have been looking at the sweet, sweet rewards that you could be getting, if you bought the Gold Pass.

    (That's the genius part of this marketing ploy .. it's a valid product until the very last minute of the season)

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