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Thread: th12 looking for war clan

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    The Salty Slayers

    We are a fun, active, donating clan.
    We max Clan Games, usually within the first 24 hours. We are always in war. This includes CWL. We help each other out with tips and suggestions in a positive manner. And yes we give sieges on the regular. Some members like to farm, some like to push. No matter how you like to play we will help and support you! We offer a mature, fun place to clash. The Salty Slayers are growing everyday! We are so excited to be a level 11 clan and climbing. Our clan is based in the USA but we accept members from all over the globe.

    What are we looking for in our recruits?
    English speaking members
    **Mature in age. You can act much younger as long as it doesn’t involve drama.

    **At least 1500 points in clan games.
    **At least 250 donations a week
    **Must use both attacks in war and follow leadership base assignments.

    **We are presently looking for TH 10+

    If we have sparked your interest please read our Clan Description! Ready to join our Clanily? Please send a clan request telling us that you found us on the forum, age and location. TheSaltySlayers (UU90L90L),

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    Hi Neil—

    If you’re interested in warring, check out Last to Resorts (#8J20LRJQ). We’re a level 18 adult war clan based in the U.S., with a number of international players. We don’t micromanage and team mentality is big with us, and we’re always looking for like-minded clashers.

    by for a visit and get to know us. Please mention this forum post in your request to join in. Thanks, and clash on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NobodyNeil View Post
    Hey, I'm an adult living in Europe that's just an average player, but am reliable and enjoys the game. I have a th12 with heroes at 57/60/30. Just looking for a war clan that has a relaxed, team first atmosphere and encourages one another. Nothing with a long list of rules or high stress (I already have enough of that in real life). I can't be a super social player, but get my attacks in and do fc's when life allows. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message.
    HELLO! We would love to have you join our clan “Elite”. PM for details! I would love to talk!

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    I'm Daimen from the lvl 9 clan Builder-X (#20PVJGRQ2) and feeders Builder-Y and Builder-Z. Before you shun us for our low clan level, let me point out why we stand out:

    Our Builder-X clan is…
    🛠insanely active. We average around 8-12 players online, and have a steady supply of max troops and sieges; max games are a given. Our clan breakdown is roughly 8/8/20
    🛠extremely war-focused, with a 59-25 70% win rate and 7 streak, and high standards for diverse attacks. Most of are wars are 30v30 to 40v40, with occasional 50v50 wars. We provide opportunities for both mentor and student in war. Everyone gets 8+ stars for max rewards, and ranked 1st/2nd/1st/1st/3rd/1st in CWL, now as a Crystal 2.
    🛠We’re looking for TH10-12 30/30 35/40 40/40

    Our Builder-Y clan is…
    🛠active. We average around 4-6 players online, and have a steady supply of TH10+ troops and seiges. Our breakdown is usually TH9s and TH8s.
    🛠war-focused yet more relaxed. We’ve never lost a war with 9 wins
    🛠We’re looking for TH9 or lower non-rushed, and TH10+ rushed.

    You’ll still find a bunch of clans with the above. However, here’s where the Builder clans are unique:
    🛠We’re essentially a tight-knit family. Our core group has stuck together for a while, and the driving factor for most staying to this clan is appreciating the genuine group of friendly teammates.
    🛠We are improvement-focused. This means that we don’t care if you screw up, or if you’re already a decent attacker. However, resistance to improvement is not tolerated. The key is openness to feedback and continued growth.

    What do we expect from you?
    A clan with high standards requires the same of its teammates.

    A respectful teammate with similarly high standards for growth
    A mature (preferably adult) player that hates drama and promotes fun
    An enthusiastic clasher interested in the events (i.e. donation events and 50v50 wars) throughout the Builder clans

    We know that there is no “perfect fit”. Thus, we invite you to let us know potential issues that may prevent you from choosing Builder-X as home. We’re happy to discuss accommodations!
    TH10+? Living in your mom's basement? Quit school at 15, or fired? We want you. Bring some beer🍻 #20PVJGRQ2

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    [Recruiting] Achilles Army #8Y2GLP8Y | TH12’s | War/CWL | Adult, chill clan

    Looking for TH12’s to join our clan and war/CWL with us. We War nonstop and split into 2 rosters for CWL. Main clan is Champs 2, alt clan is Masters 1. Chat is pretty active, usually not more than 12 hours or less for the history, especially during war day and CWL. Basic requirements:
    -Do not miss a war or CWL attack. If you are too busy to attack, opt out beforehand.
    -Be active, available for war and CWL, and be flexible (might need to CWL in either main or alt clan depending on needs). No war when heroes are on upgrade.
    -Participate in events (clan games, season challenges, etc) and keep donations respectable (even or close).
    -Discord not required, but we use it if you want to join our channel.
    -Adults only. Also, if you like to cause drama, this is not the clan for you. We prefer a nice, chill atmosphere, while still performing at a high level.

    If you would like to join, check the clan tag above. Please put Forum0419 in the request so we know it’s not a random.

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    If you are still looking check us out...........

    UKNOOBS 40+ #LV82G0GL
    Friendly adult UK war clan.

    Member of the 9 clan m.I.l.e alliance
    Cwl, ndl and various large war events available

    LEVEL13 clan and CWL MASTERS III

    we also have a feeder clan for minis and lower town halls to learn, war and grow

    UK NOOBS 40+ are looking to add to our band of UK adults.

    We play to win but its not life and death.
    Always someone online
    discord clan server to discuss war tactics and socialize

    always max out clan games with days to spare
    currently 40 members but looking to add war participants

    any town halls and ability welcome
    we have war expert th12s who will offer advice if needed as well
    as lower th's looking to build and learn.

    cc request are encouraged and filled instantly 99% of the time

    mention me on application along with age and location

    Happy clashing

    Robbie. co-leader

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    Hello Neil!

    Stop by our clan or discord for a visit, I think you would be a great fit!

    ProfangHulagang | Townhall 6+ | Clan level 11| Social/Constant War | Max Clan Games | Join Request “Brandor sent me” |#PL9RLCVQ

    Come See us on Discord

    We are a Mature, North American, English Only, Clan Game Maxing, League War killing, Constant War Clan with a great core group of experienced guys. Always Welcome aboard, and if we dont see you, happy Clashing!
    Brandor100 TH12 (Almost Max) | Co-Leader Profanghulagang Level 10| #PL9RLCVQ
    We are a North American Based, English Only, Clan Game Maxing, League War Killing, Constant War Clan
    If you are interested in Joining us, Submit your request with "Brandor sent me"
    Or come check us out on Discord

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    Valley Stream, NY
    If you're still looking, consider Beer Pandas (#qQ9RJJR0) - Lv14 - CWL Masters II. We are a serious, but non-hardcore war clan, primarily US-based, with a third in EMEA.

    We are looking for a few, non-rushed TH11s and TH12s, who are eager to compete in regular wars, clan war leagues and clan games.

    We war twice a week - opt in, when you can...opt out, when you can't. If you opt in, you are expected to make your assigned/called attacks. We use GroupMe for general communication, information sharing and war strategy.

    In Clan War Leagues, we recently placed 5th in Master II (30v30) with a lineup including 9 th12s, 12 TH11s, 12 th10s, and 4 th9s.

    In Clan Games, we have maxed EVERY clan game event and regularly exceed 100K.

    Come check us out - war logs are open. If you like what you see, mention "Wayneman" in your join request.

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