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Thread: Need a Social, Active Clan (Th10) {Pics Provided}

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    Need a Social, Active Clan (Th10) {Pics Provided}

    Hey there guys! I知 a level 147 from England. I知 21 and all the clans that I go to seem to be fairly inactive. I would really like a social group as I love the community in this game! I知 not too fussed about perks and I will donate as much as possible. As long as I could be donated to a fair bit to aid me on my push to Titan!
    The Phantoms are Coming 👻

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    Hi Harry,

    Here is a link to our recruitment ad

    We have several UK players in the clan. I just checked, and there are 7 players currently online. Come join the action!

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    Hi HarryHornsby!

    If you meet the following requirements, you can get a spot in Beasts !

    1: 25k+ Friend in Need (FIN)
    2: [Th9/ Lv9 walls/ Lv15 AQ & Lv15 BK]
    3: [Th10/ Lv9 walls/ Lv20 AQ & Lv20 BK]
    4: [Th11/ Lv9 walls/ Lv25 AQ & Lv25 BK]
    5: [Th12/ Lv9 walls/ Lv30 AQ & Lv30 BK]

    Invictus Beasts is the highest donating clan of the Invictus Family! Requests are filled within seconds and you will never be short of troops. Invictus Beasts has a system in place to ensure all troop requests are filled as fast as possible! No wonder Beasts have members donating from 10K 30K per season.

    We are part of the well-known Invictus Family which are :- Beasts, Lords, Fire, Realm & Nobles. All these clans are Lv15+ and are home of many Gold Grab billionaires, MAXED TH12 players, Legends Trophy pushers, High-Leveled clashers (Lvl 200 +), 3-star specialists and insane donators! We first started as one clan helping new players by donating them free troops, and some actually ended up joining us.

    And yes, wars at Beasts are 24/7 and they're optional of course, but taken seriously as each contender are expected to follow a War Plan, made by our dedicated War Team & to use both of their raids accordingly. We ensure wars are done as smoothly as possible & in an organized way.

    Of course, there is people from all around the globe to have a friendly chat with you whenever you want. At a certain time, you値l even find up to 15 people online! You will be able to clash in a friendly & fun environment, surrounded by passionate active clashers!

    Well if this is the kind of clan you want to be part of, do inform me whether you are or are not interested!
    You can also contact me on Discord for other queries. My Discord ID is: Becky#8701.

    You can also check us out in our official forum thread:♚

    Our clan tag is: #8OQ2G8UC

    Hoping to hear from you soon!

    Co Leader & Recruiter

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    Becky (#9R8GCV90)- Th11- Lvl 189- Co-Leader of Invictus Beasts

    Invictus Beasts: Lv16 FairPlay farming/ donating clan - Optional relaxed wars - High donations
    Apply in-game OR through Discord @Becky#8701

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    Join Taco Mafia! Clan tag: #22L0V0JRV

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    Check out Chicken's Fire. I think we have what you are looking for.

    Chicken's Fire and Chicken’s Ice - farming/war clans are now recruiting

    Looking for generous donating, family friendly, organized, farming /warring clans? If so, you're in luck, Chicken's Fire and Chicken's Ice are recruiting.

    We are currently recruiting active th6 and higher accounts.

    Chicken's Fire (#Y0JU9QCC) welcomes responsible players 14+ yrs with town hall 12, 11 or high th10 accounts.

    Chicken’s Ice (#22QQ0QCGP) is our feeder clan for th10 and lower.

    Parents that join can bring their children under 14, but are responsible for ensuring their children follow clan rules. The rules are minimal and are designed to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves while playing.

    Chicken's Fire: We war once a week (Friday) and in Clan War Leagues. You can opt out if you don't want to do regular wars but we do encourage members to participate. All members are required to do clan games to ensure we always get the highest tier rewards for everyone.

    Chicken's Ice: We war once a week (Tuesday) and in Clan War Leagues.

    We encourage everyone to donate.

    Players must be able to communicate in English.

    Rules, guidelines, promotion info etc. can be found on the Chicken's Fire website

    If you want more information you can contact us by email

    Clan: Chicken's Fire
    ClanTag: #Y0JU9QCC
    Clan level: 12
    Clan War League: Crystal I
    Wars: Once a week (Friday war search)
    Leader: Gudroll
    Location: International (we have members from USA, Canada, UK, Philippines, New Zealand and elsewhere)

    Clan: Chicken's Ice
    ClanTag: #22QQ0QCGP
    Clan level: 4
    Clan War League: Gold II
    Wars: One a week (Tuesday war search)
    Leader: Typhoon
    Location: International
    Feeder clan for Chicken's Fire for lower town hall members. You can jump to Chicken's Fire to request maximum level cc troops and spells for wars. Fire members are free to war in Ice too.

    We are a member of the Chickens United clan family.

    If you liked what you read and are interested in joining us please send a request and type "Saw the Forum Post" or similar in the invite request box.

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    PRISM - LEVEL 14 [#8YC8PP88]
    Main clan requirements:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - Confident war attacker
    - TH9 (50 combined hero痴)
    - TH10 (60 combined hero痴)
    - TH11 (80 combined hero痴)
    - TH12 (100 combined hero痴)

    Second extension clan welcomes:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - All players of all town hall and hero levels welcome, including beginners. If you don稚 meet the main clan requirements, join here for the meantime.

    Third extension clan welcomes:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - Already have accounts in one of our clans? Want to have a base for a beginner town hall or fix an overly rushed account? Here痴 your perfect base until you池e confident for PRISM or TROJAN.

    CWL? We will be running 30v30 in both clans meaning everyone who痴 interested can be part of it, no one gets left out!

    We ALWAYS achieve MAX tier on clan games and WAR CONSTANTLY in both clans, you can opt out whenever necessary. No war pressure, just follow the war plan and use both attacks accordingly.

    We have a KIK group where we chat (it痴 much easier than the in game keyboard and keeps your number private). It is mandortory for war as we discuss and post war plans there.

    We are a very active and competitive group, we like to win; however we play this game for fun alongside our busy schedules and jobs. Thanks to the clan being international (mostly USA/UK), donations are never left hanging and we friendly challenge for practise, there痴 always room for improvement!

    If either clan sounds like the right clan for you, just mention 銑ea in forums upon joining. Unsure? Add me as a friend and I will invite you to the appropriate clan.

    For any interest in clans merging, please add me on KIK to discuss further.

    My tag #2RQ9VUPV2
    KIK: LeaAtPrism

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    We would love to have you! We have multiple th12’s who can accompany you on your journey to titan!
    We are very very active and clan chat is truly fun to be in!

    hope to see you soon!

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    I'm Daimen from the lvl 9 clan Builder-X (#20PVJGRQ2) and feeders Builder-Y and Builder-Z. Before you shun us for our low clan level, let me point out why we stand out:

    Our Builder-X clan is…
    ��insanely active. We average around 8-12 players online, and have a steady supply of max troops and sieges; max games are a given. Our clan breakdown is roughly 8/8/20
    ��extremely war-focused, with a 59-25 70% win rate and 7 streak, and high standards for diverse attacks. Most of are wars are 30v30 to 40v40, with occasional 50v50 wars. We provide opportunities for both mentor and student in war. Everyone gets 8+ stars for max rewards, and ranked 1st/2nd/1st/1st/3rd/1st in CWL, now as a Crystal 2.
    ��We’re looking for TH10-12 30/30 35/40 40/40

    Our Builder-Y clan is…
    ��active. We average around 4-6 players online, and have a steady supply of TH10+ troops and seiges. Our breakdown is usually TH9s and TH8s.
    ��war-focused yet more relaxed. We’ve never lost a war with 9 wins
    ��We’re looking for TH9 or lower non-rushed, and TH10+ rushed.

    You’ll still find a bunch of clans with the above. However, here’s where the Builder clans are unique:
    ��We’re essentially a tight-knit family. Our core group has stuck together for a while, and the driving factor for most staying to this clan is appreciating the genuine group of friendly teammates.
    ��We are improvement-focused. This means that we don’t care if you screw up, or if you’re already a decent attacker. However, resistance to improvement is not tolerated. The key is openness to feedback and continued growth.

    What do we expect from you?
    A clan with high standards requires the same of its teammates.

    ✅A respectful teammate with similarly high standards for growth
    ✅A mature (preferably adult) player that hates drama and promotes fun
    ✅An enthusiastic clasher interested in the events (i.e. donation events and 50v50 wars) throughout the Builder clans

    We know that there is no “perfect fit”. Thus, we invite you to let us know potential issues that may prevent you from choosing Builder-X as home. We’re happy to discuss accommodations!
    TH10+? Living in your mom's basement? Quit school at 15, or fired? We want you. Bring some beer🍻 #20PVJGRQ2

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    Hello, if you're still looking, we are a chill clan that wars on the regular, we also do games and war leagues. We donate pretty regularly and are looking for bases of any level. We enjoy helping each other out and giving each other pointers to improve.
    Our name is USandofA and the tag is #RJ8J92VQ. We are a level 11 clan getting close to 50 members with a positive war record. If you request, say CSTEEL97 sent you

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    Hi Harry,

    We're presently looking to add th10+ to our clan and would like you to take a look. Most of our members are in the US or Canada however we have a number in the UK and one in France (your time zone). About half of our clan are th10s & 11s with 12s and 9s rounding us out.

    We're looking to recruit both women and men - we like having a mix and try to spend time on the social aspects.

    Here is more information on our clan:

    Hope to see you there, Thomas
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