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    I don't recall seeing an official word on this. But if we apply a little logic, the answer would be no. It's a season challenge not an ongoing challenge. Once the season ends, the challenges can't be completed and point totals can't be increased anymore. A new season begins with new challenges. Last seasons challenges wouldn't apply to the new season. So your point total should reset to zero. Great job finishing the season challenge early. Enjoy that gladiator skin.

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    What's next...........

    Now in seasonal challenges by completing just one task i can get that book of hero (IN SILVER PASS)which means i have completed all points but my question is that....
    After completing all points what will happen next i means to next challenges which r coming next week should i get more perks for next challenges or this is the end of season for me?..........
    Pls tell me....

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    There's no reason to make more than 2600 points in Seasonal Challenges.

    Btw, if you wonder to unlock rewards of gold pass, you can buy it, if you want, of course.


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    The season ends on April 30th ... if your season bank and stuff are full and you don't want to do the other challenges, you can take it easy

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    question about season challenges

    I've read the FAQ for season challenges but I didn't find an answer for that.

    I didn't purchase the gold pass yet because I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete the challenges. Now I'm close to complete them and want to purchase the pass, however my season bank is full. If i purchase the season pass the bank capacity will probably increase but I want to know if the resources that I should have gotten for this bank will be added to the current balance once I purchase the gold pass or I would have missed out on resources because I did not purchase the pass at launch date?

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    You'll have the increased capacity, if you buy the pass, but you'll only have max silver loot; 5M/5M/50k.

    You'll have to raid for the extra 20M/20M/200k.
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    thanks for the answer. appreciate that!
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    Purchasing Gold Pass mid month

    If I puchase the gold pass now, will all of the points I have accumulated count towards it or do I have to start from 0? Is it possible to purchase it after you reach the hero skin reward unlock?

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    They all count, you will be fine
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