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Thread: [Feature Requests] Wishlist of additions: websocket, buildings, wars and player token

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    The two things I'd most like are 4 simple bool flags:

    1) Opted in for war
    2) King is being upgraded
    3) Queen is being upgraded
    4) Warden is being upgraded

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    +1 nice thread/list

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    Quote Originally Posted by sowad View Post
    API has a lot of potential and supercell pretty much did nothing to it after giving us access to it.

    [...] Wishing that it changes this christmas. [...]
    Me too... This post is a great Xmas wishlist.

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    +1 but I need at least 10 characters in this post.

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    - I would like to be able to see if a clanmember has the 'clanwars' button red or green.
    - All wars, incl CWL: Who was selected for a war and at what position on the map.
    - Result previous war(s)

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    Great thread! Wonder how many years it would take the dev team to look at it once at least.

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    agree ... +1

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