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Thread: Bojangles #2JRG020V | Level 13 | Any TH level | CLW/Clan games focused

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    Red face Bojangles #2JRG020V | Level 13 | Any TH level | CLW/Clan games focused

    Bojangles #2JRG020V| Level 13 | Any TH level | CLW/Clan games focused

    Clan Tag; #2JRG020V

    Looking to expand our Clan membership and League War roster. We hit every milestone in Clan Games and currently are in master 2 tier in Clan League Wars.

    We gain results but enjoy a positive, drama free environment and we don't lose focus on our main aim which is to have fun!

    We are always on the lookout for new recruits and have very simple requirements:

    • 500 pts minimum Clan Games contribution if participating. We nail it every time.
    • Discord app for CWL/War. We have a designated attack pattern but we will allow members to switch targets among themselves for better results if there's opportunity to do so. Ability to communicate clearly is vital to this.
    • Willingness to improve. We offer help in sharing strategies but we like to also challenge another to find weak spots in our bases. That way we can fix them and gain better results. Honing our gameplay doesn't hurt either.
    • Respect fellow members. Any grievances can be brought forward via discord so leadership can diffuse tense situations. We have a drama free atmosphere and all our members get along incredibly well.

    We offer a very friendly atmosphere that achieves all rewards from Clan Games and has the occasional war that sharpens our proficiency for CWL's. We aim to help each other develop no matter where in the game you are at.

    We will take active members with discord into CWLs and rotate based on performance to allow others an opportunity. We also rotate based on people being vocal about wanting a turn to keep things fair. Considerations need to be made to ensure our attack / defense is strong to gain the victories so everyone gains medals though.

    We have fun and reap the rewards and are committed to Clan League Wars but have our downtime after to keep things enjoyable and at everyone's own pace.

    Please feel free to request in game searching our tag #2JRG020V and please mention you saw this post on the forums and we will accept you as soon as possible.
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    Looking for some solid TH12s for the next CWL so we can take things to the next level.

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