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Thread: Maxed TH12 looking for a home

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    Red face Maxed TH12 looking for a home

    Hi, need a perk10 and above international clan that covers Asia and EU time zone.

    if requests stays empty for hours in your clan please do not reply to this post...

    just place the clan tag please.

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    #YQQGYL lvl 15 clan. Master 2. No drama. All working adults. Lightning fast donations all day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjack702 View Post
    #YQQGYL lvl 15 clan. Master 2. No drama. All working adults. Lightning fast donations all day.
    your clan location is US, i've huge time zone difference with US...

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    Hey , BAGZLAND is a war causal clan . We are currently looking for solid clan mates to help us continue to keep winning clan wars . We have all max level troops and we have max level siege machines . All players participate in CWL .
    What we need from you

    1. Someone who can be coached and is willing to coach others
    2. Someone who understands how to properly attack in wars
    3. Someone who can donate to th’s ranked lower than themselves
    4. Fun / respectable person

    If you would like to join us search BAGZLAND and put in the request “ Bigbossjee sent me “ and you will be accepted . clan tag #289LUGVJG

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    Last to Resorts (#8J20LRJQ)...war clan based in the U.S. with international players
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    Australia: English Speaking Clan
    We are Mac Aussie Clan (P82VQV8V)

    We are an English speaking Aussie Clan looking for good, loyal, active Clashers that are on their accounts daily.

    We war twice a week at the same times every week and participate in the League Wars monthly.

    We accept any level Clasher so look us up, as long as you aren’t too rushed.

    We aren’t interested in Clashers that are hoppers, parkers, swears or are just plain rude.

    Our forum password is:
    "Electric Dragon"

    Kind Regards
    Zennet - #8Q88RLPQG

    Come & join a great clan
    Clan Founded - March 2016

    Clan War Profile:
    174 wins
    lvl 10
    29 members

    No Swearing
    Come & join a great clan
    Founded - March 2016

    Zennet #8Q88RLPQG
    (Clan Leader)
    Mac Aussie Clan

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    We match your requirements,join us up.just search :knidofabigdeal and join the lvl 14 clan.we are waiting.we have members from all around the world and clan is active 90% of the day.

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    Echoes of Ares

    We need more maxed TH12 like you, do check us out if you fit the below:

    1. Know what to do in war
    2. Can help coach lower members in war (can be coached too)
    3. Active
    4. All members are required to join a chat group for war arrangement purposes. (We war constantly)
    5. Is here to stay, we want loyal members, not hoppers

    Last but least, this is our clan tag #9VL82P9P

    Our war logs
    539 wins out of 715, currently placed at Champ3 in CWL.

    Do check us out,
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    BorderGoonSquad lvl13 war clan 84% war win rate.


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