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Thread: A possible improvement

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    A possible improvement

    What l would like to see change in the game is this. When a new boat order appears on the board, l think it would facilitate game play to simply tap the product required and see just how many of those you have in storage/ or have to produce, to complete the order. Instead of spending time scrolling thru your barn or silo for inventory amounts. Just a thought!

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    Well if you are talking before the boat arrives, you could just click on the machine that makes that certain item and tap and hold the item and then you will get the barn picture in the top right that will tell you how many you have, eliminating the need to scroll through barn.

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    I suggested this as well. It would be more convenient if it was all right there at the dock. Rather than having to go to three machines to check your inventory.
    My suggestion was that it show what was needed AND how many we have. Like it does for town visitors, townspeople, truck orders and even the people who walk up to our farm house. 12/9 Goat Cheese, 32/27 wool, 88/30 bread. That way you would know what you have and how many you need to make.
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    In my humble opinion, being able to see, at the dock, how many of each item we have for the incoming boat would be a great improvement.

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