I've noticed in Clash Of Clans gameplay that, when you click on the Archer Tower and or Wizard Tower right? The placement of the Archer Town and or Wizard Tower moves; but the archers standing on the placement doesnt move. I came out with a great idea that would be so cool! When you click on the Archer Tower, the Archer tower jumps and pops up right? Same thing goes with the Wizard Tower. Well when that happens the archers would jump up slightly and lose there balance act like there falling and stands back up ready with those bows! With the Wizard Tower the Wizard would pop up a little and act like hes going to fall and stands back up and crosses his arms ready for battle! Now i know what your thinking. Instead can we try something new? Because it seems like SuperCell made aq and bk 3d right? Well there could be more improvements, and i think this is one of them. Thank you so much hopefully SuperCell can find some way to combat these animation flaws.