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Thread: Mejoramiento de muros

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    Mejoramiento de muros

    Hola me llamo Andrés me encanta Clash of clan llevo 3 años jugándolo y desde que empece e visto algo totalmente incensario en el juego y el la reserva de un constructor para mejorar la muralla ya q esta no consta de tiempo para la mejora es instantánea y sinceramente lo veo como un desperdicio del constructor porque al tenerlo hai para mejorar los muros que me tardo mas en recoger los recursos que para mejorarlo ya q es instantáneo y podría aprovecharlo en poner un cañón o cualquier otra estructura se aprovecharía mucho mejor es la primera vez q publico algo asi pero es verdad es un desperdicio de constructor no tiene caso porque la muralla no tiene tiempo para mejora seria muy bueno que solo al tener los recursos poder mejorar sin necesidad de un constructor muchas gracias y espero que lo tomen en cuenta 😃

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    These forums are English only so please post a translation. Short answer, not happening as upgrading walls without a builder has been ruled out. See the threads at the top.
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    Google Translate of original post:
    Hello, my name is Andrés, I love Clash of clan, I've been playing it for 3 years and since I started, I've seen something totally censer in the game and the reserve of a builder to improve the wall as this does not include time for improvement is instantaneously and sincerely I see it as a waste of the builder because to have it to improve the walls it takes me longer to collect resources than to improve it since it is instantaneous and could take advantage of putting a cannon or any other structure would be much better is the first time I publish something like that but it is true that it is a waste of builder, there is no point because the wall does not have time for improvement, it would be very good that only having the resources to improve without needing a builder, thank you very much and I hope you take it into account ��

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    This would destroy the economy; hence why it wouldn't be a positive addition to the game.

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