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Thread: [Recruiting] | Integrity! | #LJPGP9 | TH10+ | Clan Level 8

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    Cool [Recruiting] | Integrity! | #LJPGP9 | TH10+ | Clan Level 8

    We are a super-friendly English-speaking clan that loves to war. We are Canada/US based, primarily.

    A bit about us:
    - We have a relatively even spread of Th12/11/10/9 players. Most are experienced, and we have several mini accounts in the same clan from the more active/experienced members
    - We participate in Clan War League every season, and are currently in Crystal 2. We take the top 15 strongest players, but will rotate to get everyone in on the action.
    - We max in Clan Games every time, so you will enjoy the perks
    - We love to FC and discuss attack strategy. We keep up with the current attack meta and have experienced players who can help you improve your attacking ability
    - We donate plenty of troops and siege machines, and never worry about ratios
    - We typically start our wars at around 10pm EST
    - We don’t have many rules. Just opt out of war if heroes or spell factories are upgrading, use both attacks when in war, and pay attention to war strategy and tactics (from chat or mail)

    We are pushing hard to move up in CWL, and also to reach Level 10 clan level. We are looking for active players that like to war and discuss tactics and attack strategies, keeping everything collaborative. We like to give and receive constructive feedback. Preferred TH10 and up, non-rushed. But if you are a little rushed, don't worry about it, we can help you get back on track. Bring your mini if you have one, too.

    Stop by for a chat, introduce yourself, do some FCs and have fun

    Include your age/location in your join request, along with the keyword "I LOVE COC"

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