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Thread: King's Coven #208VQJPR9 / Looking for active members

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    King's Coven #208VQJPR9 / Looking for active members

    About us:
    King's Coven is a level 6 War Clan that also tries really hard during Clan Games. Our members are mostly in the late teens or early 20's with a few older adults as well. Currently we place around 3rd every season for Clan War League. Once we have a few more active members join, I'm sure we will place higher. We are in Gold III League right now. Many of the clan also play together on Xbox One, and we are generally a tight group.

    What we can offer YOU:
    We have a Town Hall 12 that has access to all 3 Siege Machines. Also as a level 6 clan, we have an upgrade on all donations, and as a result we are able to donate most troops at max level. We also include everyone in our Clan War League roster, so even if you aren't in the League wars, you still will get medals. Our members are also very experienced and enjoy helping newer players find an attack strategy that works for them.

    To join our clan you must fit the following:
    -Be at least town hall 8
    -Must not be rushed
    -We do not want clan hoppers. We want people that will stay longer than an hour, people who want to be a part of a clan for more than just one donation

    What happens when you get in:

    Once you join the clan, the following rules apply:
    -Opting in or out determines if you will be in war
    -You must use both attacks in war
    -You must get at least 1000 points every Clan Games
    -No wrong donations
    -You must opt out if your Heroes or Spell Factories are upgrading
    -We give promotions based on loyalty, 500 troops donated for Elder and our discretion for Co-leader, however high participation in wars and clan games helps tremendously

    How to apply:
    To apply, please leave a message with your name, Town Hall level, and amount of experience.
    You can also choose to join through the in game system, just leave a message stating that you are from the forums. I hope to see you soon, and clash on.
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    Daily Bump

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    Daily Bump 3/8

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    Daily Bump 3/9

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    Daily Bump 3/10

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    Daily Bump 3/11 Clan Games is about to begin, Join now to help in the games and get some sweet rewards.

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    Daily Bump 3/12 Clan games are now underway, and we still have plenty of room for new members.

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    Daily Bump 3/13 Currently have over 10,000 points already for clan games, join now while there's still time.

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    Daily Bump 3/14 King's Coven is currently rocking tier IV in the Clan games, with 3 days to get the rest. Anyone interested should join now while there's still time to help out.

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    Daily Bump 3/16 We're at 22,000 points for the clan games. 2 days remain, still enough time for anyone to hop in and enjoy the benefits.

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