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Thread: Feature Idea for the Healer Troop!

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    Lightbulb Feature Idea for the Healer Troop!

    This is my idea, Healers can target any troop from the start of the match using a “Target Mode”. This would enable the Healer to target any type of troop, but not a specific troop. This could be done once per battle. It may need a nerf when the “Target Mode” is enabled, maybe around 5-10% to healer effectiveness because it could be overpowered in some cases I assume.
    Exclusions would be Heroes; because that could go a bit crazy.
    (I am aware they have a 45% heal nerf to Heroes).
    She would still be able to target them but only if the healers have the “toggle mode” disabled. I think it should look similar to the toggle of the Grand Warden, that’s my pitch, what do you guys think? I know there has been a similar post
    But I find this is a more refined idea, and locking those abilities to certain levels would not promote sportsmanship in my opinion. And example of what it could look like in battle!
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    Why this was moved to general?
    Might be a fun idea OP but I highly doubt SC would even consider it

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    I didnít move it to general, doesn't this forum page exist to suggest ideas? lol. I fleshed it out as much as I could. so maybe they would consider it more than other ideas

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