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Thread: [Request] Add Village name to Supercell ID, or allow custom name

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    [Request] Add Village name to Supercell ID, or allow custom name

    When I first started my villages years ago, I linked to google play and gmail accounts.

    For ease, I kept all my email names similar. On my original device, the order in which I added them to the game/device remained the order in which I swapped accounts. It made it super easy to keep track.

    When I made the supercell IDs I kept the same email accounts (not realizing I did NOT have to do this, and could have used ANY email for each account)

    Now all my accounts are in alphabetical order AND all the emails are displayed. It would be so much more helpful, and less confusing, if the village name appeared instead. Maybe even player ID...? Or better yet, an ability to display a custom name for each account in the list. Maybe even the Town Hall level? Player experience level? Something to make it easier to know which account is which.

    I have tried to swap emails on a few of them (through support) but it wastes the time of myself and support personnel for essentially, a UI swap for me and it is quite a tedious process.

    No more would you have to blank them out like this:

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    The Clash of Clans team isn't the ones who design the system. There is a separate team that did Supercell ID

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