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Thread: My Idea Of Player Duels! A Form Of Gambling! Bet And You Can Earn Double Your Bet!

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    Lightbulb My Idea Of Player Duels! A Form Of Gambling! Bet And You Can Earn Double Your Bet!

    Hello everyone. This is my first post and my first idea that actually sounds good. Some things may seem rushed as I try to type fast. Feel free to link to this page and copy/paste my words!

    My idea is player duels. A form of gambling for players.

    Players will pick and challenge another player for a dual. Both players accept the duel and decide on an equal amount of gold/elixir/gem/dark elixir to bet before the duel begins. The winner of the duel will earn from the equal bets, thus one can bet and earn twice of one's bet. The prize is betting half and winning double, and negatively betting half and get nothing. Be very careful with this one!

    Here are my main points, rules, suggestions, and warnings into an outline. Contradictions may exist.

    1. A player can challenge anyone to a duel. To anyone, not limited by league/clan/random match maker. Literally any player you can see in global,clan chat, rankings of top players/clans, and anyone you can see that is a player.

    2. A second person can accept, decline, or ignore the duel request.

    Just like annoying clan invites when I just want to play as an independent player for a while, we should have the option to auto-reject requests.

    3. Both must bet on equal amounts of something like gold/elixir/dark elixir/gem/troop/spell/magic item. Anything that is transferable and disposable. Anyone can always get new gems from the ground, but who would want to give up a king/queen, and then buy it again, and then earn dark elixir again to upgrade it again?

    Feel free to bet 0, that's right I say zero of anything. Duels can also be used as a way to make decisions or see who is stronger.

    1+2+3. Both players should know how to speak the same language and use the same numbers.

    4. Winner (of the greater stars or percentages) earns from the bets. Both players bet half, and the final and only 1 player wins 2 halfs as a whole prize.

    Example: 2 players bet 1000 gems. 1 player wins the duel and gets 2000 gems.

    5. Army/hero/spell/caste used for duel will not disappear (or wasted if you loss the duel in this pessimistic perspective).

    6. Defense and traps will not be damaged or broken after the duel.

    5+6. The only thing that changes is the loss/gain of gold/elixir/dark elixir/gem, and the loss (or usage) of time. Not the village or the battle tools (army/hero/spell/castle). The village and battle tools will be in same condition like before. This is a chance to fight for more of the elixir/gold/gem, and a contest of skill, and a gamble of chances.

    7. The difference between a dual and a verse/multiplayer battle. Duels involves choice, picking a fight and picking a player. No random match maker, purely started by the players themselves. Verse/Multiplayer battles are by random match making by similar trophies or town hall. Duels, in my opinion, have a stronger element of players's choice and negotiation.

    8. This feature should only be available to those who are literate in both language and basic math. Knowing the value of the gold/elixir/gem and how much one is willing to bet to win double. To many people, gems and dark elixir are always worth more than gold/elixir of same amount.

    Example: 100 gems is worth more than 100 gold. Bet 100 gems or 10 gems? How about a free duel for fun?

    At the same time, this should only be available to those who have already raided, filled storages to full, and reached a certain town hall level.

    9. The option to duel should be in the player's profile, near the "friend" and "visit" options. This is the most likely spot.

    10. Do not kill or blame me or anyone after losing a duel of a high bet of dark elixir/gem/magic item. Before every duel, there must be a warning sign of possibly losing a bet after losing the battle. Say no whenever you must.

    If you have doubts, do not duel. If battery runs low, do not duel. If device breaks, do not duel. If you are driving, do not duel (or use phone while driving). If you are multi-tasking (that unproductive act), do not duel. If you don't know how to raid, do not duel.

    11. The first 2 duels must start with a bet of 0 to teach dueling in a safe risk-free way.

    12. Supercell can regulate how much gold/elixir/gem/dark elixir/magic item players can bet and earn. As for cheating, there can be an anti-cheating scan of the game before the duel starts. Any sign of cheating will make the duel void and the half of the prize will return to the victim of the cheater's duel.

    13. For a few months, the player be banned from dueling for a few months or years or forever depending on the bets made.

    14. When a duel is interrupted by internet or wifi issues, the duel must act like no one won/loss anything. Internet/wifi should not ruin anyone chances of fair winning/lossing. The duelers may reset duel or close it.

    15. Duels only begin when both players are online and agree to start dueling now.

    16. A special duel chat between duelers.

    Global chat. Clan chat. Friend chat. Duel chat. Chained Clan Chat.
    A clan chain is a group of clans that claims to be related. I saw a few clan chains that look like this: [name] 1, [name] 2, [name] 3, etc. A chain clan chat can save some clans from becoming seperated, ghost clans. I was in one.

    17. A draw means... no one wins or loses. May duel again or stop.

    18. A duel record. We already have a records of war, attacker (on one's village), achievements, and raiding.

    19. A possible duel of 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, and so on. Never 3 vs 1.

    Short Summary:

    My idea is a players's duel. A way of battling, gambling, negotiating for greater resources.

    Players can challenge another to a duel, no boundary of clan or random matchmaker will separate anyone.

    Both players will decide on equal bets of gold/elixir/dark elixir/gem/magic item/troop/spell (disposable transferable items).

    Example: 100 gems from player 1 and 100 gems from player 2, will be 200 gems into the winning player 1 or 2.

    The duel starts and can be voided if by cheating or internet interrupted before time stops, troops die, or full destruction of the village.

    The duel is different from the verse/multiplayer battles. Players have a greater choice and free will in the game.

    The battle tools (army/spell/hero/magic item/castle/siege machine) will not be wasted or disappeared or destroyed.

    The battle army (troop/hero/castle troop/spell/magic item/siege machine) will not be gone.

    The village (building, trap, x bow, wall, hero) will need not to be repaired or reloaded.

    The only loss should be time itself and the bets.

    A choice to bet nothing.

    A duel chat between the duelers to communicate bets.

    A duel record and numbers.

    I am surprised that we don't have player duels! I said this idea to my clan a while ago and they said that this idea sounded like a feature in this game. They were in shock and laughed after I said that this is my idea. In fact, a few said they would do it if this was real.

    If this idea becomes success, I will wait for it to happen some months in the future. I think this will be established by 2020 or 2025.

    I would like to see everyone's opinions and alterations on my rules/warnings/suggestions.

    If player duels are possible, who would you duel against and how much would you bet? Are you willing to take chances and get double? Bet free and see who is stronger? A way to decide who is more fit for war?

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    Gambling is illegal in some countries CoC operates in so nothing like this would be possible.

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    This would massively be open to abuse. Make a new account duel it for the gems and intentionally lose on the new account. Repeat for infinite gems

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