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Thread: LOST LEGION | TH10+ War Members | Lvl 14 Clan | 346W/87L

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    Cool LOST LEGION | TH10+ War Members | Lvl 14 Clan | 340+ Wins / 4:1 W/L Ratio

    LOST LEGION (#8GJGLRUR) is recruiting!

    348 WAR WINS and 87 LOSSES | Clan level 14 | C1 CWL | Back-to-Back Wars | Independent Member of the Reddit Yankee Clan Family

    We are looking for non-rushed, TH10+ members with a minimum of max TH9 defenses and 30/30 heroes.

    What can we offer in LOST LEGION?
    LOST LEGION is a 100% Fair Play adult war clan. We are friendly and supportive, we play casually alongside experienced leadership and strong WAR members. The whole clan must take part in clan games, with a minimum of 1000 points per member, and we encourage active members and of course donations. We have a very strong core group who are all triple happy, and we would love to see you come join us.

    Worried about a stressful war/clan environment?
    We are extremely relaxed when it comes to war, and understand everybody makes mistakes. We love to win (and often do!) so don't worry about it! Here at Lost Legion, we are familiar with stressful war requirements, and they are NO FUN. We have a strong core of HIGH LEVEL war members, who are happy to help plan attacks, give support, clean-up bases, and most importantly have FUN. No donation requirements, although the higher the better! Assigned targets is done through DISCORD. We’re happy to talk war plans with you, and all we really want is just a good old-fashioned 3-star attempt, fail or not, it's always best try.


    Apply at our DISCORD server here: and request a place in LOST LEGION. If you would like to apply in game, send a request with something along the lines of 'Came here from the forums', or 'Saw the recruitment ad' and we'll assess your profile. Please bear in mind DISCORD is a MUST to be in our clan, as we discuss war plans, assign targets and communicate via this app. You can also find our clan with this link:

    We look forward to seeing you in-game!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KreptiK View Post
    We are looking for TH10+ members only with a minimum of max TH9 defenses and 30/30 heroes.
    This isn't true. I was denied membership and I have higher defenses and heroes than what is described as the minimum needed.

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    You were the TH12 with non-maxed TH10 cannons and wiz towers right? Heroes in the 30 range as well? The minimum is set relative to your TH level. If you're a TH12 and don't at least have the minimum of what's available at TH11, then you won't be accepted.

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