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Thread: Wow easy cwl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrisirjoe View Post
    I don't think the potions should be banned at all. They're in the game anyone can use them whenever they like to.
    Not anyone can use a power or hero potion in regular war. A player with max troops/heroes for his hall level cannot use the potion and the weight of his max troops/heroes was considered in the match. However, the player with low level troops/heroes gets to use the potions to get max troops/heroes despite avoiding the weight of them in the match. The regular war system is designed with weighted matches to try to make a match that is even, yet the potions allow players to basically avoid the matchmaker. The fact that they are regularly for sale increases my opinion that they should be banned from regular war.

    Again, for CWL where there is no weight, I think they are fine.
    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. I'm still thinking starting the "new" legends at Legends2 at 5500 and having Legends3 be for 5000-5499 would be good (with season resets to 5000 and 5500 depending on your trophies at season end) but overall I LOVE the Legends change. Thanks SC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chusker View Post
    I am hoping onyx does an update on his deep dive looks at the league make ups for this cwl. My guess is two factors are hitting you this month. One is the sandbagging teams trying to push up to their proper leagues. and the second is the narrowing down of the competition due to the larger clans that had a bit wider range of town halls (and a bit less good at wars) moving to the 30v30 side of the house. Be very interesting to see if there is a significant difference in town hall levels (and spread) in the 15 and 30 size wars while being at the same ladder level.
    There's a third thing at work and that is the drop 2 and promote 1 at masters level that was started a few CWL ago. That is pushing clans out of masters and into crystal, which is probably causing crystal to have heavier clans that used to hang out in M3. This in turn pushes C1 down to C2 and C2 down to C3 and so on.
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