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Thread: ClanEater | #28YPC9UG2 | Level 4 Clan | recruiting TH8-10 | we max games and win wars

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    ClanEater | #28YPC9UG2 | Level 4 Clan | recruiting TH8-10 | we max games and win wars


    ClanEater (#28YPC9UG2) is a level 4 clan which was started as a way for TH6-9 players to do low level wars. Weve grown together into an active clan (30+ members) that MAXES games and wins wars. Our war record is 10-3-2 (never less than 90% damage dealt) and we ended in the top 2 for both CWLs weve participated in. We have a lot of room for social people who want to be active, kind clanmates.

    We are expanding to include TH10s in our wars. We especially want to recruit non-rushed TH8-10. Come join us for clan games and our post-CWL wars. My vision for this clan is to (1) grow it to 40+ ACTIVE players so there is always some one online to talk to and trade troops with, (2) raise the level fast by winning wars, and (3) make sure there is a great culture/vibe and that being in this clan is an asset to your game playing experience.

    Why should you join?
    - Friendly active people (generous troop donations, always helpful in chat, we have a Discord!)
    - 100% of the assets of being in the clan are here. Maxed games, max loot bonus because we win wars, room in our CWL roster, troops donated as requested, friendly people who love talking strategy.
    - A clan on the rise! We moved to Level 4 fast and inactive accounts are culled.
    - Not aggressive or overly competitive. we expect you to participate (see rules) but dont expect perfection
    - Room for leadership. Want to call the shots for war? If you prove yourself Im glad to share the role.
    - No donation limit, ask for what you want. No donation requirement (if you are a high TH please participate more).

    Important requirements to be in the clan:
    - English-speaking only
    - Adults only; you can be kicked for acting childish
    - If your status is green you are responsible for using both attacks ON TARGET in war
    - No abusive language or behavior; you must fit the chill vibe of the clan
    - Donate what is requested or leave the request alone; I will kick you if you donate off request

    Send a request to join! Check us out before clan games begin!

    My accounts:
    Syrtis Major (#YUVQGJ2R0)
    Syrtis Minor (#L0RJRL0YY)
    SyrtisLiberalis (#L82LGQ8CR)

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    [Bump] Join before the games start! We maxed out last time and we will max this one too. Our next war starts after the games are finished. New people are welcome on the next war roster. -Syrtis

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    [Bump] We’re up to Tier 3 on clan games. Once it’s max we go to war. Join now, especially if you haven’t started clan games yet.

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    [bump] We’ve maxed out the games so war starts today (US afternoon). Our record is now 11-3-1 with a streak of 5 wins and a tie ongoing. We won’t accept requests during war so join soon or check us out in a few days. -Syrtes

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