Looking for a 320/400 x9 OR 300+/400 x9 Champion League Derby Hood who are on the same page about expectations and can just relax and enjoy the ride while playing and collecting prizes together.

✅ I am level 150, town 45.

✅ I am pretty self sufficient and have all machines and fishing spots open.

✅ I am a busy working mum, so will need to opt out at times. I am also a derby addict so will play hard whenever I can (popping in and out).

✅ I enjoy helping people and think this should be a two way street.

✅ I have a plank and screw heavy farm so want to be able to exchange my excess with hood mates

What I AM looking for in a hood:

✔️ All 9 Tasks 320/400 or 300+/400 points tasks. EITHER is fine as long as it's clear and stuck to..

✔️ A hood that is on the same page, helpful and knows how to work as a team especially for blossom derbies (keep the fast/easy stuff, communicate, done!)..

✔️ Team mates that enjoy a bit of a laugh..

✔️ Everyone releases townies regularly..

✔️ A hood that enforces the derby rules and does not tolerate moochers (ie if you're asking for a bunch of stock, common sense says your machines should be working too, right?)..

✔️ A hood that plays and enjoys bingo derbies! -Bingo is a MUST..

✔️ Firm but fair leadership..

What I do NOT want in a hood.

❌ An endless list of rules to try and micro-manage a players every move.

❌ Compulsory purchased tasks. (Unless it's to make up for a failed task - which btw I've never had happen.)

❌ Task reserving.

❌ Delayed starts.

❌ Delay in being an elder - I'm pretty trash happy!

❌ Maximum number of tasks allowed per day - I play between my schedule, so some days can smash out a bunch of tasks, other days less..

If this matches your neighborhoods style of playing Please Private Message me.