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Thread: Champs league x9 hood wanted

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    Question Champs league x9 hood wanted

    Looking for a 320/400 x9 OR 300+/400 x9 Champion League Derby Hood who are on the same page about expectations and can just relax and enjoy the ride while playing and collecting prizes together.

    ✅ I am level 150, town 45.

    ✅ I am pretty self sufficient and have all machines and fishing spots open.

    ✅ I am a busy working mum, so will need to opt out at times. I am also a derby addict so will play hard whenever I can (popping in and out).

    ✅ I enjoy helping people and think this should be a two way street.

    ✅ I have a plank and screw heavy farm so want to be able to exchange my excess with hood mates

    What I AM looking for in a hood:

    ✔️ All 9 Tasks 320/400 or 300+/400 points tasks. EITHER is fine as long as it's clear and stuck to..

    ✔️ A hood that is on the same page, helpful and knows how to work as a team especially for blossom derbies (keep the fast/easy stuff, communicate, done!)..

    ✔️ Team mates that enjoy a bit of a laugh..

    ✔️ Everyone releases townies regularly..

    ✔️ A hood that enforces the derby rules and does not tolerate moochers (ie if you're asking for a bunch of stock, common sense says your machines should be working too, right?)..

    ✔️ A hood that plays and enjoys bingo derbies! -Bingo is a MUST..

    ✔️ Firm but fair leadership..

    What I do NOT want in a hood.

    ❌ An endless list of rules to try and micro-manage a players every move.

    ❌ Compulsory purchased tasks. (Unless it's to make up for a failed task - which btw I've never had happen.)

    ❌ Task reserving.

    ❌ Delayed starts.

    ❌ Delay in being an elder - I'm pretty trash happy!

    ❌ Maximum number of tasks allowed per day - I play between my schedule, so some days can smash out a bunch of tasks, other days less..

    If this matches your neighborhoods style of playing Please Private Message me.

    Level 154 ~Town 46
    Achievements: 143/144 (Just Bingo to go)
    Mastery: All but that dang flower shop!

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    What a shame misty. You have described Spirits Peace to a T with only 2 exceptions. We do ten tasks every week...opting out is fine. And we do a 5 hour delayed start. If you change your mind on those 2 points, friend me, Penelopes Pigpen, farm tag #QvQQOL90 and I will send you an invite!
    Leader Spirits Peace
    Competitve Champion League
    Now accepting new members​

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    I’ve sent you a pm

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    Private message sent MistyCreek! Best of luck and hope to hear from you🐷🐝

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    .. Still browsing
    Not interested in '10 tasks' hoods, thanks!

    Level 154 ~Town 46
    Achievements: 143/144 (Just Bingo to go)
    Mastery: All but that dang flower shop!

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    If you havent found a hood yet, come check out Once Upon a Derby (yellow fox in Purple Heart)! You can find out recruiting thread in the forum with hood rules! I think youd be a good fit to our great group of derby players!

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    Hello neighbor,
    We're in the search for a few good people to join us at the Foxhole II . What we're looking for is someone who is laid back, helpful, speaks English, and doesnt mind chatting if need be. You need to be active, Derby isn't mandatory, but if you decide to play, choose tasks worth 320/400 please make sure to COMPLETE all tasks, 10th task is always optional. If you cannot commit to the derby please opt out to be fair to the rest of the neighborhood. We'll make you elder the second you join, so you can help trash tasks. New people will be opted out of derby until you say HI to us (we've been burned). We're friendly, self-sufficient, and very helpful. There's not a lot of rules, just have fun and work hard at the derby (if your opted in). We're on the smaller side for a neighborhood, but we still are able to collect all horseshoes! Come check us out, and help us grow!
    The Foxhole II #9CVRGQVU

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    Derby Cats are looking for new people to come and join our Derby active neighbourhood.

    We are a multi-national, English speaking neighbourhood. Primarily based in the UK but have players in the US and dotted about everywhere else. We are looking for people who are Derby active and enthusiastic.

    We are placed within the top three every week and need people like you to help us maintain that position.

    We do not have too many rules as we are all well experienced Derby players. We just like people to respect and be polite with each other.

    Our Derby tasks are normally at 320 points, depending on the Derby and although it's not compulsory, if you are able to do the extra tasks that would be much appreciated as it can make a big difference.

    Anyone joining our neighbourhood will be promoted to Elder after completing one Derby with us.

    We are a friendly, chatty neighbourhood and we use Facebook messenger for all our Derby/neighbourhood discussions as well as socially interacting with each other to get to know everyone better.

    Should you find that you are unable to take part in the Derby for any reason we do understand and we do not object to anyone opting out. Only stipulation is that you make the leader or co-leaders aware of your intentions before hand.

    Trashing tasks is really not what we want and would advise that it is discussed before being trashed. Generally if there is a problem, by working together we can usually find a solution.

    Trading within the neighbourhood is allowed and we will help each other with LEMs, BEMs and SEMs.

    We try and use the birdhouse for neighbourhood requests at all times.

    Should our neighborhood sound appealing to you we would like to invite you to come and try us out.

    Search for our tag


    We look forward to hopefully seeing you soon

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    Serious Farming 2. Green background, red ships wheel. 100 golds and climbing.

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